Thursday, September 25, 2008

Feudy Madness

One of the disturbing traits to emerge in debates centering the Highgate Vampire Case, is the tendency towards harassment and cyberstalking.

But very few participants have been as blatant about it as the author of a blog called Peroxide's Touch: The Highgate Vampire Fraudster.

It's quite clear that its author is a supporter of Sean Manchester. And they tend to show this "support" by attacking David Farrant at every available opportunity (
"David F______ - The Truth"):

Words which sum up the life of criminal who has spent years trying to milk the work of a scholar who has written the definitive modern day Vampire book based on FACT.

When its author, the anonymous "peroxide", isn't making it overtly obvious that they have a tendency to stalk people who sully the good Bishop's name with criticism ("
Dark Matters Demise"):

What’s amusing about that you weren’t quick enough to cover your online tracks. Facebook and Bebo made for very interesting reading, whilst your profiles were set to public.
The fact that you have now set them to private makes no difference and it won’t suprise you to know that I saved your details - location, pictures, comments and otherwise.

Then they are allowing a comment by a Manchester-supporting vigilante group (the FoBSM) to request personal details of someone, via a public medium ("Farrant's Friends", 1st comment):

If anyone can help discover the residential address of...who is known to live somewhere in North London (but is far too cowardly to face those he attacks in person), please forward such information directly to Bishop Manchester...

What "peroxide" probably doesn't realise, is that the author of a blog is ultimately responsible for the content that appears on it - including comments.

As if these follies weren't reprehensible enough, "peroxide" also has the audacity to advocate Christian values ("Victorious Christians") despite the bile found in the blog's content, not to mention that fact that its very foundation (its URL reflects its original name) is a dark parody of David Farrant's The Human Touch.

I was driven enough to add the following comment (September 20, 2008 at 9:10 am) to "peroxide"'s "Game On" post:

Hi “Peroxide” (whoever you are),

I gotta admit, you’ve sure done a good job of uncovering the truth and the “facts”!

These aren’t limited to you and your chum “Dissenting Shadows” calling people cowards for hiding behind usernames…

While neither of you reveal your own.

Oh, and what else? Encouraging vigilante-like behaviour, by allowing the FoBSM to post requests for the *personal address of someone*. Since when are they the police?

Revealing yourself to be a stalker (See: “Dark Matters Demise”).

Accusing people of being hate-filled and full of malice…while propagating the same attitude yourself, via your ranting blog entries, against David Farrant.

Oh, and of course the veil of Christianity you wrap yourself in, by citing Bible passages.

I think you’re forgetting the verses on forgiveness, turning the other cheek and whatnot. Is it possible, that you yourself are the Devil’s Fool? I mean, the last I checked, the Bishop didn’t give you any authority to speak on his behalf. Indeed, and as has been repeated elsewhere, the Bishop *avoids* any kind of online activities involving this “feud”.

A feud you seem to take…remarkably close to heart.

If the Bishop has friends like you on his side, he doesn’t need enemies…

After all that, you'd think that the shadyness perpetrated on that blog had run its peak.

You'd be wrong.

While having a scroll through the comments on the aforementioned "Game On" entry, I noticed a comment dated September 20, 2008 at 10:22 am:

It is easy for anyone to find out how many members you have on your msn board, Barbara.

All they need do is go to the msn groups listing where the number of members is shown against the name of each group.

Seems innocent enough, right? Except when you check out the username ("The Overseer") and the link it provides (to this blog).

The problem? I didn't write it!

So now it looks like I've got an impostor in my wake, too. Great.

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