Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Addendum to the Previous Post

The assessment of the Highgate Vampire Case by an "outsider" got me thinking about other instances which uncannily seemed to fit his theory. I discuss a few of 'em here.

I've revealed Bishop Manchester's propensity towards plagiarism and censorship on multiple occasions. The mysterious disappearance of his St. Bonaventure post was just the latest example. Most disturbingly, I've even caught him out revising historical events. So why do I raise this topic in context? Because the Bishop also tends to cry "copyright violation!" when he sees fit.

This very blog was born from the ashes of such charges. It's also one of several hypocricies [sic] the Bishop evinces concerning the Highgate Vampire Case. He used the charge to remove a damning report from Scribd. But on a lighter note, the deployment of such accusations also reveals that the Bishop monitors his "opponents" more closely than he lets on.

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