Monday, October 26, 2009

Another David Speaks

I was quite surprised to see a comment left on "Strange Goings-On at Facebook" by the mysterious David Carter-Green!

I was even more surprised to see what he wrote:
Hello. I am the mysterious individual called David Carter- Green, and I can assure that I really do exist!
Because of my interest in the paranormal, I became Facebook friends with Sean Manchester (along with about 2000+ other people!)and corresponded with him. I also, out of curiosity, joined several of his Facebook groups and have read several of his books.
However, I have never met him, do not know him, and I certainly DO NOT endorse his views on vampires or believe his account of the Highgate case!
Moreover, I was just as surprised as anyone to find myself promoted to 'admin' on his ''Friends of...'' site!
I would like it to be known that I have now cut my ties with Sean Manchester, and am no longer a member of any of his groups.
I checked out the VRS Facebook group he had been a member of, and sure enough, he was no longer serving as one of its admins.

However, I should also point out that he still
follows Bishop † Seán † Manchester.

So why was he randomly added as an admin?

Maybe Manchester was confident that in their correspondence, he had gained an "ally" for his cause. Or maybe he did so to give the impression that independent sources actually support his claims.

Failed on both accounts.


Trystan Swale said...

Hi Anthony - Trystan from Righteous Indignation Podcast here (

I spent Saturday at an event related to ghosts, ghouls and all things strange. It just so happened that David Carter-Green was present and I ended up having a good chat with him about the whole Highgate thing. He came across as a very articulate and pleasant man who treated the situation with a good sense of humour.

In regard to being friends or followers of anyone on Facebook as being some badge of allegiance I would reconsider. I am Facebook friends with David Farrant and also, until recently, with Sean Manchester. I only removed the latter after he threatened to get our podcast website closed down.

David Carter-Green said...

Hello again
Yes I see I am still listed as one of Sean Manchester's 'followers' on his website. I did try and delete my name from it but was unable to!
David Carter-Green


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