Monday, April 19, 2010

The Hypocricies of Bishop Manchester

1. Copyright Violation and Plagiarism

We know how keen the Bishop is to protect his alleged copyright. Take note of the multiple copyright references here. But, as has been established, he has no problem violating the copyright of other writers. Not to mention inserting himself into Church history.

The latest example is his "Ghosts and Demons" post which samples heavily from from Wikipedia's ghost and demon pages. Oh, and Bread from Heaven Unlimited's "Are Ghosts Good or Bad?", which, in turn, pilfers large chunks of its answer from Catholic Exchange's "Do You Believe in Ghosts?".

The Bishop gives no acknowledgment to these sources. Which also leads us to the next topic...

2. Necromancy

It's clear that the Bishop is against necromancy/mediumistic practices, going by his plagiarised "Ghosts and Demons" post (also regurgitated here).

So, it's certainly strange that he thought it was perfectly ok to make use of necromantic rituals in "exorcising" Luisa.

3. His Arch-nemesis

The same guy behind the Path of Reconciliation blog, who also advises that David Farrant (who he openly calls "My Adversary"), should be ignored...can't seem to bring himself to stop writing about him. He even depicts Farrant (in his woeful Photoshop style) as an "Adversary" and "Dæmon" elsewhere.

The Bishop's 2007 blog/book, Aftermath of the Highgate Vampire largely concerned Farrant, too.

4. Humility

The Bishop's Holy Grail Church's page on "Divine Healing" praises humility:
“Where I want to do nothing but good, evil is close at my side (Romans 7: 21).” Our frailty, whether bishop or priest, makes us one with those whom we serve, and we are saved from any suggestion of smugness or self-satisfaction. We view those who work with us as friends, in the same way that Christ calls His disciples servants no longer but friends. The ministry of exorcism especially requires those chosen to be marked by piety, prudence, knowledge and holy humility.
Which is all well and good, if it wasn't for the fact that he owns "three vehicles" and "three residences in the British Isles". This level of accumulated wealth is even more bizarre in light of the proceeds of his book going to the Apostolic Church of the Holy Grail...which he happens to preside over.

5. Libel, Defamation and Harassment

The Bishop makes a big song and dance about libelous comments and defamatory remarks about himself (as can be seen here and here). Of course, this doesn't stop him from engaging and encouraging the same thing.

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