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Death Threats and Stalking and Vampiroids—Oh My!

Sylvia Raven Nagel aka Sylvia Maria Capringo aka Lady S. Raven Nagel, a self-identified witch and vampire who has stalked me for several years, made multiple death threats against me and even posted pictures of what she thought was my house—in the hope that I be bashed or murdered. Patrick Sean Manchester has shared the same photos on various blogs and Facebook groups. Seen here after a 1998 arrest. Picture: The Forrest Gump of Witchcraft.

On the DAWWIH Facebook group, I recently discussed a member of Angie May Watkins' group, Sylvia Raven Nagel, making death threats against me. Instead of evicting Nagel from her group, Watkins evicted me instead.

Nagel, who identifies as a vampire, has obviously seen my post mentioning her and responded with this:
Hello little troll!! I made tons of death threats. I’m still waiting for you, Tania Liddle and others to bring International charges against me, over comments made about you!! You really think that the authority of law gives two shits about you or me? Apparently so, if after all these years you just HAD to throw that line in. 😂😂😂 and it seems that your still running in fear. I can’t tag you to this post, it’s a public post, can’t get you connected at all. Those settings are on your end dumbass Troll!! Wait until I go unto the cloud I have more pictures to take a trip down memory lane with you. 😂😂😂 No worries someone will gladly let you know this is here. An you won’t have to search for pictures. I will tag the ones Kate [Gallwey] sent to me all those years ago. I believe Lady CG got a hold of them some how and they were eventually given to me, because I fear nothing or no one. Damn right I will post it. An now again!! Wimpy Vampirologist!! 😂😂😂 just put a plastic bag over your head and breathe deeply. That will help solve the dumb ass you are. LOL
Nagel accompanied this post with a series of overhead shots of someone's house. I'm not sure whose house it is, but it's not mine.

For added clarity, Nagel's post refers to two other self-identified vampires: Kate Gallwey (Being a Psychic Vampire, self-pub., CreateSpace, 2015) and Barbara Kammerer aka "Lady CG" (Practical Vampyrism for Modern Vampyres, self-pub., Lulu, 2005).

In 2016, both colluded to stalk me and share my personal information online so that I may befall physical harm or death from irate self-identified vampires—because I have expressed skepticism at their claim to be vampires. Indeed, Gallwey claimed to be be acting under the auspices of a shadowy organisation called Voices of the Vampire Community (VVC) (

Although Gallwey's claim was denied by the website's administrator, Merticus, Gallwey's membership was unaffected.

Interestingly, Patrick Sean Manchester, has shared the same photos, via Nagel, on his Facebook groups and blogs. This, despite his own pronouncements on self-identified vampires like Nagel:
Some [vampiroids] actually believe themselves to be vampires, but, of course, they are not. How could they be when the definition of a vampire, upon examination, is revealed to be a dead body that issues forth from its tomb in the night to quaff the warm blood of the living, whereby it is nourished and preserved? Vampiroids, therefore, cannot be re-animated corpses with an awful supernatural existence beyond the grave. People who either believe themselves to be vampires, or want to become vampires and affect what they construe to be vampiristic lifestyles, even when this is taken to extremes, are invariably vampiroids.
But it is not even as simple as that because there are various categories of vampiroid, ranging from harmless poseurs to dangerous psychopaths. The former may be benign, but the latter are capable of murder. Thus the vampiroid is not a supernatural being, but a human who embraces what he or she assumes to be a lifestyle commensurate with vampirism as largely depicted in fictional films and literature. Whereas the true vampire partakes of the dark natures and possesses the terrible qualities of both apparition and demon, assuming the form of a dead body to suck the blood of the living.
So, what is Manchester, a self-professed "vampire hunter," and alleged bishop, doing playing along with a "vampiroid" (his words) and one who clearly fits Manchester's "dangerous psychopath" category? Sounds like collusion to me.

Now, when these photos were shared several years ago via the method Nagel described, I did pretend they were mine—to throw Manchester, and the other stalkers involved, off the scent. After all, would you want them knowing where you live?

But, clearly, that was a mistake on my part and I shouldn't have done it. Which is why I told them, multiple times, it wasn't my residence.

That hasn't stopped them from sharing these images, though.


Instead of evicting Nagel from her group, Watkins evicted me instead: Anthony Hogg, "My former friend . . .," Facebook, May 30, 2020, Watkins' group is HIGHGATE! HIGHGATE! HIGHGATE!. I am uncertain if it's still active.

"Hello little troll!": Nagel, "Hello little troll!!," Facebook, May 30, 2020,

Although Gallwey's claim was denied by the website's administrator: See Anthony Hogg, "How the VVC Handled a Complaint About Members Cyberstalking Me," Facebook, February 9, 2020,

Patrick Sean Manchester, has shared the same photos, via Nagel, on his Facebook groups and blogs: An example can be found in Manchester [FoBSM, pseud.], "Hogg's Trolling Days Are Numbered," Portals to the Truth (blog), October 31, 2016,

Some [vampiroids] actually believe themselves to be vampires: Patrick Sean Manchester [Vampirologist, pseud.], "Vampiroidism aka False Vampirism," Vampire Research Society (blog), February 21, 2009,


Anthony Hogg, "Sylvia Raven Nagel Admits to Death Threats Against Anthony Hogg, Facebook, May 30, 2020, (PDF).

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