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Mr. Manchester Does Not Want to Be Called "Mr." & Other Gripes—Part 1

A dramatic representation of Patrick Sean Manchester's recent series of complaints about the author. Picture: Disney–ABC Domestic Television via Mark Galer.

In the past week, I have addressed two hostile postings Patrick Sean Manchester, under the guise of "The Cross & The Stake," made about me on his Facebook group. Mr. Manchester has made the group so toxic toward me, that merely being a Facebook friend of mine is enough to warrant a ban.

But this hasn't stopped Mr. Manchester from monitoring my group and "responding" to my posts without citing them. It hasn't stopped him using my pictures without my permission. Evidentially, Mr. Manchester has strived to create an echo chamber intended to turn members against me. This, from a supposed Christian bishop.

In the latest post made to his group, Mr. Manchester has sidestepped any effort to make amends, apologise or seek forgiveness for his malignant behaviour—despite my standing offer for him to join my group—instead, he has decided to focus on a narcissistic gripe: the title people refer to him by.

"People, largely out of ignorance," moans Mr. Manchester, "sometimes address me using the title 'Mr.' I am not a 'Mr.' The correct title when addressing me is 'Bishop.' I am Bishop Manchester. I am not Mr. Manchester. I would appreciate the appropriate title being affixed when using one. I do not mind if no title is used, but using the wrong one is borderline offensive."

The timing of the post, and the other posts it follows (directed me) suggests this passive aggressive diatribe is also intended for yours truly. So, I will address the matter head on. The reason why I refer to Manchester as "Mr." is because I have as much respect for his title as he does: none.

My use of "Mr." is a protest against abuse. While I am far from a perfect Christian, I do take the responsibility of priestly roles seriously. He doesn't. And never has except as a title; one no different from dubbing himself "Lord" during his Satanist phase. Or when he dubbed himself "The Magister" when performing an occult ritual at the home of David Farrant in 1973. 

There was even the time he masqueraded as "The Commander" in 1977 where he pretended to be the leader of the imaginary League of Imperial Fascists, a neo-Nazi group in Barnet, before being exposed by journalist Frank Thorne. After being unraveled, Manchester claimed that the "Commander" was actually an Irish neo-Nazi named Terence Byrne (1942–1982)—a falsehood I exposed in my own sting, helped by photographs of the real Byrne obtained from Anti-Fascist Action Ireland.

In what should be a matter to be hashed out between him and a licensed therapist, Manchester clearly has a thing for representing himself in positions of authority without actually doing any serious legwork to earn the title. As far as I'm concerned, this includes his "bishop" title.

After all, Mr. Manchester does not operate anything recognisable as a church, with no identifiable priests operating under his wing; although he does boast of owning "three residences in the British Isles" and "three vehicles" with his only discernable income being his "bestselling" books—whose proceeds go to his church, according to their inscriptions.

The materialism of Mr. Manchester's lifestyle isn't the only sticking point; it's his constant falsehoods and baseless attacks. In the aforementioned posts written about me, Mr. Manchester falsely claimed I am

  • a supporter of [Marxist] terrorism
  • an atheist
He also claimed my Facebook group (of the same name as this blog) "exists for one purpose, ie to stalk and troll †Seán Manchester," despite the variety of topics covered. Previously, he's even insinuated I am homosexual (I'm not).

And it hasn't stopped there...


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