Monday, October 26, 2009

Something to Lighten the Mood

Have a read of (ahem) Grigory Alekseev's psychoanalysis of commentators on JBC's blog.

My favorite bit? This:
"At least i have the balls to post using my real name u hypocritical bell end." - say Mr. Craigbond

Mr. Craigbond refers to shape of human penis; with relation to curvilenear of bell. Not wholesome. Suggest company of woman or small bird.

I'm Checking In

Right, now it's time to check up on the state of the proposed Great Highgate Tea Party, which was last covered here.

After my last comment on JBC's blog, he wrote this:
You know, I just don't understand this "he who makes the first offer is entitled to have all of his conditions accepted" rubbish, Anthony.

I mean, historically speaking, we don't even know if the Bishop's recent offer of a meeting was even the first. What if 3 years ago Farrant proposed a meeting in Scotland suggesting that they both wear pink kilts and lipstick. What then? Wouldn't the Bishop be bound to agree to it? And if he didn't, or wanted to change the locale to England and lose the costumes, would he be "putting up roadblocks?"
This is a reference to Manchester's invitation to David, to pop by for a chat. David requested that Dennis Crawford also be present, which Manchester agreed to ask. Manchester also requested that no media be present and the event kept quiet. He made the public offer via his blog.

After David's request were met...he decided to switch things around. He went on to insist that Manchester contact him or post a comment on his blog.

JBC thinks Manchester's original terms are too disagreeable. For some reason.

This was after I was pointing out that David was putting up obvious tit-for-tat roadblocks to prevent the meeting going ahead. You know, a step towards ending this bloody feud.

That didn't surprise me in the least. After all, the feud is something that feeds the other party. What else would they have to write about after nearly 30 years?

Other than that, the feud's been relatively quiet of late, as Lone Stranger points out.

There've also been some attempts to make the feud more...lucrative.

The person behind this is a dodgy chap named "Cecil Lamont-Dwiggins" (an obvious pseudonym), who wrote on the JREF Forum under the username "CLD". He engaged me in correspondence, asking for my views on the Highgate Vampire Case and then proceeded to write an article in which he said that I was Sean Manchester himself.

He also created a comic which portrayed me as a Manchester supporter because I had the gall to question David on his claims.

So, in this light, it shouldn't surprise you that the comic was published by the British Psychic & Occult Society - which just so happens to be David Farrant's publishing firm.

Talk about being in cahoots.

Another David Speaks

I was quite surprised to see a comment left on "Strange Goings-On at Facebook" by the mysterious David Carter-Green!

I was even more surprised to see what he wrote:
Hello. I am the mysterious individual called David Carter- Green, and I can assure that I really do exist!
Because of my interest in the paranormal, I became Facebook friends with Sean Manchester (along with about 2000+ other people!)and corresponded with him. I also, out of curiosity, joined several of his Facebook groups and have read several of his books.
However, I have never met him, do not know him, and I certainly DO NOT endorse his views on vampires or believe his account of the Highgate case!
Moreover, I was just as surprised as anyone to find myself promoted to 'admin' on his ''Friends of...'' site!
I would like it to be known that I have now cut my ties with Sean Manchester, and am no longer a member of any of his groups.
I checked out the VRS Facebook group he had been a member of, and sure enough, he was no longer serving as one of its admins.

However, I should also point out that he still
follows Bishop † Seán † Manchester.

So why was he randomly added as an admin?

Maybe Manchester was confident that in their correspondence, he had gained an "ally" for his cause. Or maybe he did so to give the impression that independent sources actually support his claims.

Failed on both accounts.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Popping in to Check-Up on Things

It's been a little while since I last posted here.

Why? Well, quite frankly, couldn't be arsed with it. All seemed quiet for a bit, what with the feud simmering down to offers of a tea party or private phone conversation.

The question is, has any progress been made? Let's have a look.

Now, to re-cap, the last word I had on the feud was this:
Yeah, but this is the thing, quite obviously works both ways.

Like I said: claims and counter-claims and yadda yadda yadda.

They both publish "incriminating" things about the other.

Thus, "forgiveness" would be a bit too early for the time being, which is why I view this as more of a truce.
What happened since then?
  • Carol started flapping her gums and hurling abuse at all and sundry.
  • Another (obvious) VRS "rep" popped on the scene, posting as "Anonymous".
  • Barbara was still yammering away with her Greenisms.
  • There were disputes over David's contact with Katrina Garforth-Bles and Dennis Crawford.
  • JBC had to delete several comments by Craig that revealed her real name.
Sigh. Such silly pettiness.

But a useful distraction from the issue at hand, too. Which means, of course, that I've gotta wade in again.

Here's my say on the matter:
I leave you kids alone for a little while and this is what I come back to! Ha!

To be honest, I'm not surprised it's slipped back into this morass of garbage.

Afterall, it's much more productive, than, say, Dave or Manchester actually bloody contacting each other!

Dave, I know you're not keen on making the move to contact Manchester, which is why you're putting up all these silly roadblocks. After all, you've reneged on the deal several times now.

Trying to twist his public offer (which I clearly notified you about) into your own, proves that.

Carol, you're not helping in the slightest. If anything, you're extremely detrimental to the VRS "cause". Whatever that might be.

"Anonymous", I presume you're Dennis as you got rumbled when you were posting here via your Blogger account. Grow up.

Now let's get this bloody tea party back on the road.
Let the party begin!


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