Thursday, October 30, 2008

Peroxide Gets Bleached and Unfortune Associations

Well, it looks like another blog dealing with he Highgate Vampire Case has gone and bitten the dust.

Current attempts to access Peroxide's blog, are now met with this calling card:

No surprises there.

It had pretty much degenerating into the typical slanging match found elsewhere. That said, the blog's zealous aim of discrediting David Farrant, probably didn't help much.

Speaking of David, his "Whatever Keeps People Happy..." entry in The Human Touch, has yielded this gem:
I see my interview on the Highgate case has gone up now on “Paranormal Knowledge”.

Nice to be referred to as a “Famous psychic investigator” as opposed to being referred to as a ‘vampire hunter’!

It's strange that David seems adverse to such a term, when his own website advertises a book called (wait for it), Return of the Vampire Hunter: An Exclusive Interview with Reclusive Vampire Hunter, David Farrant (2003) by Rob Milne.

Even the "reclusive" bit is kinda funny, considering how much contributions he makes to discussions concerning the Highgate Vampire Case (which, paradoxically, he claims not to like discussing). Oh, and he's also the head of the Highgate Vampire Society, to boot.

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