Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The VRS Has No Problem Disseminating Personal Correspondence

I previously mentioned that I'd be reproducing an e-mail I sent to the VRS website. It found its way into the hands of The (Fake) Overseer, who used it to publicly reveal my name on Did A Vampire Walk In Highgate?.

The e-mail was subjected "The Cross and the Stake" and was originally sent on Wednesday, May 24, 2006 7:49 AM.:

I am a member of the Cross and the Stake (The Inquisitive One) and have been most disturbed by something that has been occuring on our forum.

I could not find a means to contact the moderators of the board directly, so here goes:

Hans, aka van_liebenstropf, has been a most disruptive force on it. He continuously ridicules another member - SteadfastCarol - with insults.

He is wasting large amounts of forum space with his twisted posts and I believe he is allowed to do this because of the non-presence of the moderators on the message board.

Please attempt to rectify this situation as his behaviour is getting to the point of either requiring an admonishment or the threat of a ban.


My real name was contained in the e-mail address.

It's nice to know that the VRS isn't above sending along such e-mails onto so-called "independent parties" with an axe to grind. Let that be a warning to anyone else who is concerned about their personal information being sent along to nameless entities.

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