Sunday, January 25, 2009

Gothic Revealed!

I first wrote about a mysterious commenter on my blog named "Gothic" in "Drive-By Comments".

In "Gothic Returns!", I also noted that
Every time I check the link to his profile, it leads me to a dead end. Should this happen again, his comments will be rejected for publication.
Well, I noticed something rather interesting when I tried the link again.

This time, it actually works!

But guess where it leads to?

Yup, that's right: none-other than the profile page of TFO!

However, he's had yet-another change of name. This time, he's using "Vampirologist" as his handle.

Interestingly, this is a handle that has been used for some years on the website he lists as his own, on his Blogger profile page.

So why the need to temporarily rip-off my own username? Especially after nonsensically claiming that I "adopted" his username...despite my use of it sometime beforehand. (see: "Insanity, Misrepresentations and Assumptions: Part One")

I also enjoyed his rather-telling view of himself, when criticising my rationale for refusing a comment by "Gothic" aka TFO aka "Vampirologist":
Something the FoBSM Administation did not mention, however, is the fact that Hogg allows no post to appear on his blog in the normal way when the commentator is sympathetic to Bishop Manchester.
So much for being "independent".

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