Sunday, January 18, 2009

Insanity, Misrepresentation and Assumptions: Part Two

Here's the continuation of TFO's unruly comments against me.
He chops their comments to pieces to interpolate his own frequently inaccurate and invariably tedious views. The commentator referred to below was told on Anthony Hogg's blog today by Hogg that he will no longer be allowed to post even in dissected form where Hogg uses selected passages as a springboard for his own tiresome rhetoric. To say this man is a pedant is putting it mildly indeed!
Yes, I chop them, interpolate them with my comments and I also do something you dread doing: I cite them! That way, if there are any disagreements with what I write, the reader can at least check the original source for the full story. Compare this notion to your practices covered elsewhere.

If you consider my views to be "inaccurate" and "tedious", that's fine. However, you might want to try backing up what you say with citations not accusations. There's a difference, you know.

For example, I never told anyone named "FoBSM Administration" that they couldn't post on my blog. They're more than welcome to, provided that their name doesn't lead to a dead-end like Gothic's did. Despite my warning to him. After all, if he's going to be a mouthpiece, then he should at least have some kind of accountability or authority to do so.

I'm sure even you grasp this concept. After all, you've got a blog yourself. It links to you and is covered by Blogger's terms of use agreement. Speaking of which, it also plagiarises the name of mine! Was that done "in protest" as well?

Oh, and I would have liked to have commented on FoBSM Administrations comments directly, as quoted in the rest of your message, but I came across this:

What a shame!

However, it was amusing to see a weblinked picture of a door from the Bishop's "private retreat", surmounted with a sign reading "Holy Grail" over the top, that leads to...

...a site selling books by Sean Manchester! Great stuff!

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