Friday, August 14, 2009

Some Questions for the Bish

I decided to post some questions to the Bishop's blog, Bishop † Seán † Manchester. The same blog, incidentally, that Lone Stranger gave coverage to, here.

In respect to the Bishop's "sign off with your real Christian name" policy (and because there could be a chance my questions wouldn't get responded to, otherwise), I posted my queries under my real name.

Here's what I asked:
1. Have you ever had DNA testing to verify your claim that you are descended from Lord Byron?

2. Can you name any other members of the World Union of Vampirologists?

3. Did you receive any payment for your article, "The Kirklees Vampire" for "The Unexplained"?

4. Do you use any other usernames online? If so, what are they?

5. How many vampires have you dispatched in the "ancient and approved manner"?

6. Have you given anyone any authorisation to talk on your behalf, on the Internet? If so, who?

7. What are your thoughts on Matthew 5:39-44?

8. Do you disapprove of my username, "The Overseer", and, if so, do you approve of its use by a VRS member who appropriated it "in protest"?

9. In the first edition of "The Highgate Vampire" (1985), why was there no disclosure that the photographic depictions of Luisa were actually those of a model? And, why did you choose to employ a model to recreate "scenes" with Luisa, in the first place?

10. In 1973, you founded the Ordo Sancti Graal. Yet, in the first edition of "The Highgate Vampire" (1985), you refer to yourself as "not pre-eminently religious" and "a secular person handling consecrated material as a protection against hostile psychic forces, I am practicing "white magic"." What happened in the gap between you founding a Christian order and engaging in the occult (like the necromantic summoning of Luisa, as detailed in the same book)?
I eagerly await his responses.

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