Friday, August 14, 2009

Props for Lone Stranger

In spite of its satiric tone, I've really gotta give Lone Stranger's Net Curtains Lurkers due credit.

Sure, David might have fastened himself to it like a sea lamprey so he'll have yet another outlet for his usual anti-Manchester diatribes, but that doesn't detract from some great stuff being printed there.

As of this writing, I'm talking specifically about "Crybaby Manchester Tries Another Take Down", in which the Bishop is revealed to be a tad overzealous (and misguided) in protecting his "copyright" (thus, inadvertently revealing himself to be a reader of Mr. Stranger's blog); "Sean's Fake Medal Uncovered", in which the validity of certain medals and titles in Manchester's possession, are questioned; "The Smoking Gun", an exposé of an eBay member who ships satanic paraphernalia from the good Bishop's home address; and, of course, "Paper Credentials in Flames – Sean Rumbled Yet Again", which dissects the Bishop's entry in the 2004 edition of the International Who's Who of Authors and Writers.

I give a teeny bit of coverage to Manchester's entry in that book in the previous entry.

I always did suspect there was something a tad suss about the "World Union of Vampirologists".

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