Sunday, December 6, 2009

The Bishop Obviously Reads My Blog

Well, well, well. Isn't this interesting.

By addressing the latest manifestations of the feud in "They Can't Bloody Help Themselves", I wrote that it was
rather timely that Manchester has gone and made himself another blog: Path of Reconciliation.

See if you can guess who the warped, Photoshopped chap in "Hate (Emily Dickinson)" and "Resentment (Joseph Wardy)" happens to be.
The answer was, of course, David Farrant.

But, you wouldn't know this now, as the images have been changed! Check it out for yourself ("Hate (Emily Dickinson)" and "Resentment (Joseph Wardy)").

Once again, I'm thankful that I save the webpages I cite. So, if any reader doubts that there were "warped, Photoshopped" images of David in the Bishop's blog entries, I'll happily reproduce the proof here.


Vampirologist said...

The trouble is, Anthony, you jump to conclusions all too often.

The bishop has changed images on his blog a number of times. Why do you imagine this has anything to do with you? And why did it not occur to you that someone could have pointed out what you were attributing to earlier images without the bishop ever needing to visit your blog?

I took the trouble to ask the bishop by email why he changed images for these and other entries. He replied that when he finds better or more appropriate pictures to fit the text he uses them.

It's that simple.

Anthony Hogg said...

By all means, Dennis, reproduce the e-mail in which you claim the Bishop said that.

Also, considering the timing, it'd be a hell of coincidence for the Bish to change the images so soon after I dealt with them here.

Question is, why would he have the horribly Photoshopped images of Farrant on his blog in the first place?

What happened to "dusting his sandals" of this business?

And that from a man who opened that reconciliation blog...


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