Thursday, December 3, 2009

Who Turned It Up First?

Dennis ("Demonologist"), in his usual state of superficial pedantry, takes issue with me saying that The Cat's Miaow "turned up" Gerald Isaaman's review of Steve Roud's London Lore: The Legends and Traditions of the World’s Most Vibrant City (2009):
It was "turned up" on the Vampire Research Society's blog long before it did on "Baldry Cat's" excuse of a blog to fuel Farrant's vendetta against Seán Manchester.
He then goes on to quote chunks from an entry (which I had to look up myself, as Dennis was too lazy to provide it) on his Vampire Research Society blog.

There are, however, primary differences between John Baldry Cat's use of the article, and Dennis'.

The most obvious one, for starters, is that Dennis didn't link to the review he quotes chunks from. John Baldry's Cat did.

Dennis also doesn't cite the reviewer's name, merely referring to him as "The person who was editor of the Hampstead & Highgate Express in those far off distant days". John Baldry's Cat actually cites his name, i.e., Gerald Isaaman.

But most tellingly, Dennis omits Isaaman's negative criticisms of the Highgate Vampire Case. John Baldry's Cat, however, prints them in all their glory.

Dennis boils down Isaaman's comments to his description of Manchester's appearance ("Manchester arrived at the office wearing a black cloak lined with scarlet silk and carrying a cane"), to which Dennis adds: "He forgot to mention the top hat and tails that were included with the opera cloak and cane."

Dennis also provides Isaaman's overview of the Highgate Vampire story, but not Isaaman admitting he found it to be
"a real hoot, and we played the story for laughs."

So, sure Dennis, quotes from Isaaman's review turned up in your blog prior to John Baldry's Cat's mention. But, at least John Baldry's Cat had the temerity to link and cite the damn thing rather than omit Isaaman's criticisms and his name!

Thus, John Baldry's Cat's coverage of the review was far more substantial and worthwhile than Dennis' own piddling extracts.


Baldry's Cat said...

Tony, Tony, Tony! Stop saying good things about me or people will get the wrong idea!

Anthony Hogg said...

Gotta give credit where it's due, JBC!


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