Friday, October 29, 2010

How to Visit Highgate Cemetery...Legally

Just a brief note. I've come across a site that gives instructions on how to visit Highgate Cemetery without stepping on any toes. So, yes, it's quite unlike this approach.

Naturally, the keepers of Highgate Cemetery aren't all that thrilled with the vampire stories and the publicity-seekers who tried to profiteer off them. Why? Not only do they detract from its famous, uh, residents, but the stories also helped trigger off spates of vandalism back in the '70s, leading to a few arrests (click on the pic for more).

Of course, this hasn't stopped contemporary attempts at drumming up interest in the vampire. There've even been further alleged sightings there, notable for the paucity of witness names, descriptions of what exactly they saw, etc. Anyhoo, if you wanna visit the Cemetery, yourself, here's a handy guide. But, please, don't mention the "v" word!

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