Sunday, September 1, 2013

Release the Tapes!

For several years, Manchester and his sockpuppets have discussed a supposedly incriminating tape in their possession, featuring a discussion between David Farrant and Anthony Arthur "Tony" Hill. It apparently captured Farrant's intent to hoax a ghost story for the local press.

Shortly after covering the controversy on this blog, I confronted Farrant with the claim. He stated that the allegations were untrue, and apparently concocted as revenge for Farrant discussing Hill and Manchester's intent to hoax a vampire story for the press—the one that became the Highgate Vampire case. Considering the magnitude of this allegation, I've wondered why Manchester—or his sockpuppets—have never released the tapes. It'd blow the lid right off their archnemesis, Farrant's, claims and vindicate their frequent, extensive, repetitious and negative commentary about him. To that effect, I also told them to put their money where their mouth was.

Now, Farrant's laid down the guantlet, himself: he's openly challenged Manchester to release the tapes:
Many readers here will be aware of a vindictive claim being desperately circulated on the Internet by a very mentally disturbed person masquerading as a ‘bishop’ and a ‘vampire hunter’ (and who is widely known by the nickname ‘Bonky’ [Farrant's nickname for Sean Manchester] by his friends and enemies alike), that I hoaxed the Highgate Vampire story back in 1970. The fake story being put around by this bonky individual is, that I colluded with one [Anthony] Arthur “Eggmanne” Hill (a close friend and associate of this bonky person) to invent this vampire story and he (the ‘bonky one’) was given a tape recording of myself (secretly recorded by Hill) which could prove this allegation. Well, despite being challenged by many and various people to publish this tape (or tapes) and do just this, the ‘Bonky one’ has declined to do so. Why? - one can only ask! 
Could it be that this is because this tape simply does not exist? Or if there exists such a tape its content is entirely different from the falsified interpretation being circulated by ‘Bonky’? 
People will have to make their own minds up about that if – or when – this alleged recording is ever released. I have no objection to its release. Indeed, I welcome it…But I fear that the only person it could incriminate is the very person who is now admitting to having such a recording.
So, Farrant's given his approval for the public release of these alleged recordings. The ball's in Manchester—and his sockpuppet's—court. If they still refuse to release the recordings despite permission being granted, they should immediately retract their claim, apologise, stop promoting it on various blogs and blog comments, and get off Farrant's back about it.

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