Tuesday, July 28, 2009

A Series of Peculiar Events

Some very interesting things have been taking place during my absence. Very interesting indeed.

Firstly, as Lone Stranger reports, Bishop Manchester has a new blog. Here's what he has to say about its intended purpose:
This blog exists for those matters which can be discussed openly. Irrespective of the manner delivered, send your question, query or concern and I shall do my best to answer it.
Amusingly, it's latest post requests that commentators
refrain from posting links to other sites and sign off with your real Christian name ~ or your name in full should you prefer ~ rather than post anonymously.
The amusing thing about this, of course, is that its only current followers (as of this writing) are notorious for hiding behind usernames.

And they're bloody VRS members.

Which, of course also means that they won't even be able to post on their Prez's blog! Heh heh.

The next item of interest, also covered by Lone Stranger, was a blog entry talking about an "informal dinner party" at the Bishop's "spacious retreat on the south coast of England". Mr. Stranger claims that this was actually the Bishop's birthday celebration.

I suppose it's possible. You see, even though the entry is dated "Friday, 13 February 2009", the picture under the heading gives the date as "July 2009". Obviously, the blog's author has taken to recycling old posts rather than writing new ones.

Even more amusingly, part of the "informal" discussions that took place there concerned David Farrant. Naturally, Arminius (who doesn't state whether or not he was actually present for this "informal dinner") makes this the focus of his blog entry. This is in spite of TFO's recent protestations:
Seán Manchester understandably wants to deny Farrant the oxygen of publicity and knows that anything he might say will only add fuel to the fire. He feels the argument against Farrant was won decades ago and only the publicity-seeking charlatan will stand to benefit from its continuance.
For the record, the Bishop's birthday was on July 15.

That's not secret info, by the way. You can see the Bishop's entry in International Who's Who of Authors and Writers 2004 (p. 366).


Lone Stranger & The Cubicle Posse said...

Our Man has once again sent an email complaint against Net Curtains. The guy just doesn't understand Fair Use, does he? I wonder if he knows what a screen shot is?

Anthony Hogg said...

If he doesn't understand what Fair Use is, then what does that say about Blogger? :(

Either way, it's fortunate I save the pages I link to, in the event of such things.


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