Monday, May 19, 2008

The Highgate Vampire Resurrected?

Has the Highgate Vampire risen from the dead?

The matter is touched on in The Second Side's "The Highgate Vampire is Back!". After describing the destruction of the Highgate Vampire and one of its victims by Sean Manchester, it goes on to say:

Apparently, the vampire is
active again, as a tall, dark figure is haunting the cemetery once more . . .

Spooky stuff.

However, it sounds suspiciously similar to a claim made by David Farrant in 2005 while promoting the reactivation of his Highgate Vampire Society. In "Highgate Vampire at it again!!" for Pentacle Magazine, he stated that:

The sighting of a tall, black figure in April on Swains Lane makes me think the vampire is active again.

Haven't heard much about it since, so I guess we can still sleep safe and sound.

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