Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The Regurgitating One

There's an MSN Group out there, whose primary function is to:

discuss Farrant and his fiends (demons) and the confrontation thereof.

It's name?
Fiends of David Farrant (a parody of Friends of David Farrant).

Its membership consists of members of the clandestine
Friends of Bishop Sean Manchester, as well as the Bishop himself (username: "The Author").

Apparently, I'm regarded as one of his "fiends" too, hence topics devoted to myself and my writings, on that forum. It's a strange banner to fall under, considering I've also been considered a Bishop Manchester supporter...if not Bishop Manchester himself, by other persons. See: "
MondoSkepto's False Accusations", as an example.

For those not in the know, public figures Sean Manchester and David Farrant, have polarised discussion on the Highgate Vampire Case. "Defendants" and "prosecutors" usually take one side (even if they don't share the supernatural beliefs of either party) and will attack and malign the other party, tooth and nail. The sheer volume of these disputes was partially recorded in the "FeudWatch" category of my defunct Did a Wampyr Walk in Highgate?: The Official MSN Space Site blog.

But let's get back to the matter at hand.

One particular member of Fiends seems to have a real axe to grind with me. His username is "The Informative One" (a parody of my former MSN Groups username, "The Inquisitive One") and seems particularly keen in refuting me or trying to dig up "dirt" on me, too.

Little is known about him. This is partly at the instigation of the National and International Secretaries of the Vampire Research Society:

Dennis and I have met The Informative One and know his identity. We advised him not to use it here and to offer no clues.¹

Why the secrecy? No answer is given. This has led some to speculate that "The Informative One" is actually an online alias of Bishop Manchester.
For you see, despite having engaged in "independent research",³ he has no qualms toeing the VRS-party line, even linking to adverts within his messages, to VRS products.

He was also the founder of pro-Bishop Manchester forum, Did A Vampire Walk In Highgate? (ripping off the title - but not intent - of my Did a Wampyr Walk in Highgate? MSN Group). Which I should mention, is also the refuge of an Englishman who has also blatantly ripped off my username, "The Overseer" (funnily enough, he also resides on "Fiends").

"The Informative One"'s main purpose, contrary to his username, seems to be in regurgitating VRS-related material. For proof, read my "
Does a Doppelgänger Walk in Highgate?" thread.

More recently, his inane posts have been regulated to putting me on some kind of "bandwagon" (see: "
Anthony Hogg Hops On Bandwagon", Fiends of David Farrant); hunting me down on Amazon with "A Question of Attribution" (The Highgate Vampire), which chastises me for not including Manchester-penned works to any of my lists (!); and the copyright-violating "Shroudeater's Truth-eating"/"A Matter of Fabrication" (Fiends of David Farrant/The Highgate Vampire) which has reproduced my Brautigam interview, without my permission.

I have reported the latter thread to MSN Groups, which is obviously why it has been deleted and reposted on several occasions. Sneaky.

¹ KatrinaGarforth-Bles1. " "HVS" Debate Poll". The Cross and the Stake.
15/09/2006 03:19.
Florence King. "Dennis Crawford Watch: ID Theft Stupidity". Dark Matters Radio Exploration. Yesterday, 5:41 pm.
³ The Informative One. " "HVS" Debate Poll". The Cross and the Stake. 11/09/2006 21:24.

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