Monday, May 19, 2008

Where You Might Find Me

Recently, I've been participating on Don Ecker's Dark Matters Radio Exploration forum.

To browse through my contributions, click here.

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Alternatively, you could browse through the "Highgate Cemetery Vampire" section. Your call.

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by donecker

I have some news and thought it only fair that I update you all. As you are aware, several days ago Paul Harris posted a note stating that he had some private emails from "Dennis Crawford" that may or might not also be Sean Manchester. The upshot was that "Dennis" informed him he would no longer be posting here because "we are all stroking the darkness, don't you know?" Well, to be perfectly upfront and honest ... THAT TOTALLY PISSED ME OFF! I allowed that son-uv-a-bitch here with no restrictions, even after that piece of dog shi*, oops, dog manure ... thats dog manure, post after he insulted my military service and the millions of American servicemen that came to Great Britian in her hour of need, and he can't be man enough to even let us know he was leaving. This double-ly pisses me off considering we all know for an absolute fact that I could not even finish the sign up procedure to APPLY for user status at the Cross and Stake! before they threw me off Okay, fine. But today while I was conducting some admin stuff, guess who has been slinking around on the forum? Oh yes, Dennis Crawford. I banned him and his IP address. ... Now, the other thing I wanted to mention to you all, and be sure to let your friends know .... I am starting a new thread called BISHOP BONKERS AMUSING STORIES..... This thread will be for a contest I am now holding for the rest of this month. I will be the sole judge with ONLY amusing but true Bonkers stories. THE WINNER WILL BE AWARDED FROM ME, A COPY OF MY VAMPIRE NOVEL, PAST SINS. The contest will run from now to the end of May. So ... tell your friends, tell your family, tell your vampire lovers and haters, but the only thing necessary about the contest is the stories must be about Bishop Bonkers and it must be True !


The published claim by Don Ecker that a ban has been lifted on Dennis Crawford on the former's American board, like much else that springs from Ecker's mouth, is false. Below is the correspondence on this matter between Don Ecker and the Friends of Bishop Seán Manchester (FoBSM). It shows that the ban is still very much in place so that Ecker's accomplice in the UK, namely David Farrant, is free to publish calumny without hindrance. Ecker's email of May 25th is his most recent. He has replied to neither of the subsequent responses from FoBSM while continuing to claim on the internet that the ban on Dennis Crawford has been lifted. It has not. The following emails are self explanatory.

----- Original Message -----
From: Friends of Bishop Seán Manchester
To: Don Ecker
Sent: Wednesday, May 28, 2008 8:44 AM
Subject: Re: On the Dennis Crawford ban

It is still the case that Dennis Crawford cannot login or view your forum which makes it all the more difficult to understand your comment below. Obviously you have not personally lifted the ban. If you have asked someone else to lift the ban on Dennis they have failed to do what is necessary to allow that IP through and have simply ignored your instruction. Advising you of facts such as Dennis not having left your forum of his own volition or being in a position where he still cannot post even if he wanted is not to "snivel and whine." It is called information. Paul Harris and some other members might not be posting. Have they also been banned? The bottom line is that in actual fact the ban on Dennis Crawford has not been lifted.

Re: Request to have Crawford ban lifted
by donecker on May 25th, 2008, 11:21 am
I lifted the ban on good ol' Dennis, and NO DENNIS ! ! ! Now, I must wonder if the FoBSM just snivel and whine for the sake of sniveling and whining?

Okay, I guess they do ... makes one wonder how anyone could have taken this bunch seriously ...

----- Original Message -----
From: Friends of Bishop Seán Manchester
To: Don Ecker
Sent: Monday, May 26, 2008 10:00 AM
Subject: On the Dennis Crawford ban

We are reliably informed that whenever Dennis Crawford visits ... (up to and including May 26th, 2008) he remains unable to login or view any of the forum and only sees the following message:
You have been permanently banned from this board.

Please contact the Board Administrator for more information.

Reason given for ban: xxx

A ban has been issued on your IP address.

----- Original Message -----
From: Don Ecker
To: Friends of Bishop Seán Manchester
Sent: Sunday, May 25, 2008 7:21 PM
Subject: On the Dennis Crawford ban

An unknown writer (because there was no name signed ... not unusual for FoBSM) wrote;

"It would appear you want the discussion on your ... forum to be entirely one-sided with no input from anyone who is in a position to counter the abuse and misdirection being hurled at Bishop Manchester.

In closing, it should be clarified that Dennis had not left the forum when you banned him. If he had, how could you ban him? He was simply allowing the flames to reach a crescendo and die down a little before responding. He was advised to do this and agreed himself that the spectacle of dealing with constant abuse is counter-productive. Anyone viewing your forum will note that "freedom of speech" has become a one way street for those with an axe to grind. It would surely be more informative and stimulating to hear what both sides have to say? Perhaps you disagree ... "

As I am sure you are aware, I have lifted the ban on Dennis Crawford or other unknown lurkers ... On an MSM forum someone wrote

"Medway speaks through his medium Farrant on an American forum where hatred is regularly incited against Seán Manchester. The only voice of balance was silenced by the forum's administration with a ban."

So, I can expect you will correct this information? And when can we expect you will post your side of this controversy?

Don Ecker



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