Thursday, May 8, 2008

Temporary Setbacks, or, the Phoenix Risen

I admittedly created this blog because my Windows Live Space page, Did a Wampyr Walk in Highgate?: The Official MSN Space Site, has been experiencing some technical problems.

Namely, that it not longer seems to exist!

This sorry state is directly related to recent complaints made against it for alleged copyright violations. It seems that Windows Live Space Customer Support staff decided to ignore evidence that revealed me having permission to reproduce certain materials being complained about!

The matter is still currently being discussed with them, so I'll keep you posted on further developments.

However, this blog itself wasn't established in vain. I'll continue to use it to share my thoughts, whether the outcome of the Windows Live Space dispute is ruled in my favour or not.

But I guess I should also take this opportunity to divorce myself from my opening rant and explain just who I am and what this blog is about!

I'm "The Overseer" and I founded an MSN Groups forum in 2006 called
Did a Wampyr Walk in Highgate? to discuss the Highgate Vampire Case. It later spun off the aforementioned Windows Live Space blog in 2007.

The Case has attracted a fair level of criticism, mingled with claims and counter-claims by the persons involved. But it's also managed to draft in a large amount of "outsider" views.

Like mine.

Some choose to take sides in the matter; I personally prefer a stance of neutrality, balance and skepticism. Either way, I am in favour of open discourse on the subject. And that, fundamentally, is the motive behind establishing my forum and blogs.

From time to time, I'll comment on, or point out available resources on the topic. Readers are also encouraged to share their own thoughts and opinions...provided they aren't laced with abuse (things can get pretty heated at times).

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