Thursday, July 2, 2009

Demonologist Changes Robes

After being repeatedly rumbled over at Net Curtains Lurkers, VRS member, "Demonologist", went into a sabbatical, as covered here by Lone Stranger.

I ended up checking out Deme's Blogger profile page for any activity and was somewhat amused by what I found.

I hurriedly reported my findings to Mr. Stranger's blog entry:
It looks like Deme’s slipped off his moniker.

Check out his profile page. He’s gone back to referring to himself as “Vampirologist”!
This prompted Mr. Stranger to write "Demonologist Changes Name – Connects Himself to Manchester!" due to my tip-off.

He also added:
Hey and he forgot himself and linked this screen name directly to his real identity!

Slipping up old boy?

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