Wednesday, July 8, 2009

A Trained and Seasoned Researcher?

"Arminius Vámbéry" uses his MySpace page to describe himself as
a trained and seasoned researcher of the arcane, the paranormal, and especially those dark areas of humanity where few dare to venture, namely vampirism and demonolatry.
The same dire self-description appears on his Blog Talk Radio page, where he goes under the username, "Vampirologist". Interestingly, the same username TFO has recently reverted to.

The "trained and seasoned researcher" malarkey also appears in his Blogger profile.

Shame he forgot to mention being versed in the ancient art of plagiarism.

He's also the copy-n-paste admin of the (defunct) British Occult Society Facebook page. His post, "Origin of the British Occult Society" is remarkably similar (hint: plagiarised) to "Genesis of the Vampire Research Society" (Vampire Research Society).

Arminius also sees fit to reproduce Sean Manchester's rebuttal to a review of David Farrant's autobiography in Fortean Times. Here's one of the stand-out paragraphs:
My aversion to superfluous and sensationalist publicity has been partly responsible for David Farrant filling the void where the Highgate Cemetery happenings are concerned, despite his involvement being spurious. Others genuinely caught up in the case and the investigation thereof understandably share my distaste for sensational newspaper elaboration. Not so David Farrant who has been repeatedly described by the judiciary and the media as a shameless publicity-seeker.
Which is funny, considering that the BOS's Facebook photos page consists of images...all relating to Farrant!

Even more amusingly, 9 out of the 10 links featured on the BOS Facebook page relate directly to...yep, you guessed it: David Farrant!

Bravo, Arminius! Talk about fueling the fire!

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