Friday, July 10, 2009

Happy Hundredth!

Yep, this is the 100th post on DAWWIH!

Can you believe it?

the seed from which this tree grew.

And now, time for the goodies.
Don's gave coverage to a thread he's posted over at The Paracast forum, on his blog, Dark Matters Radio:
Oh, I almost forgot so let me tell you now before I do. Another show I uploaded to the Paranet is one titled “VAMPIRES & Tits and Ass.” It is concerned with the Highgate Vampire Case I’ve talked about before, right here. There are some absolutely hilarious website out there dealing with this case.
Yep, you read right: "VAMPIRES & Tits and Ass". You can read the thread here. In the meantime, here's a snippet:
I pissed this bunch off by trying to conduct an investigation into the claims that a genuine vampire stalked the London landscape back in the late 60’s and early 70’s looking to turn all of us into happy meals! Boy, did they take off after me. First they attacked me as a “war monger” because of my military service in Viet Nam, then they attacked all of America as “Imperialists” warmongers, etc. ad nauseum. Over many years they have managed to scare folks away from asking about this case by threats, internet stalking and various other means. I refused to be intimidated and began to crack the case.
Incidentally, my blog gets a mention on both.

To toot my horn a bit more, did you know I was given an "award for Best Retorts to Bonky" from Lone Stranger of Net Curtains Lurkers? Here's what he had to say in "Game, Set, Match – To The Overseer", regarding my debating tactics with "Demonologist":
Those of you watching the sparring between the “Demonologist” and that saucy Aussie, “The Overseer,” I have to declare the guy from down under the winner. While Deme keeps trotting out the same tired lines, it’s clear he’s run out of anything new to say. The Overseer, however, is articulate, concise and relentless.
I've also padded out my Blogger profile page with some background info in "About Me", listed a few of my "Favorite Movies", "Favorite Music" and "Favorite Books".

As a wrap-up treat, have a read through "The Highgate Vampire" thread over at the Unexplained Mysteries Discussion Forums. Predictably enough, it didn't take long for a faceless VRS rep to wade into the scene.

Thanks to my readers and casual browsers and here's to many hundreds more!

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