Saturday, September 19, 2009

Ask a Plagiarist

It looks like the Bishop has been a bit naughty.

His blog, Bishop † Seán † Manchester, is intended to answer questions posed to him.

For example, a curious soul named "Ruben" asked whether or not shapeshifting was taught to people before the Flood, in correlation with certain passages in pseudographic Book of Enoch.

The Bishop's response appears in "Shapeshifting".

However, what doesn't appear, is the Bishop's sources of information.

The section dealing with the Book of Enoch has very clearly had portions cribbed from Wikipedia's "Book of Enoch" page and a non-Wikipedia article called "The Book of Henoch (Ethiopic)". The section on shapeshifting takes another, uncredited bite out of Wikipedia.

So, after all that, what is the Bishop's actual response? This:
I could not opine as to whether shapeshifting was taught to men prior to the Flood. What I will say is that the phenomenon is not uncommon among demons
The plagiarism doesn't stop there, either.

Our friend, Ruben, also asked the Bishop's for his definition of a "heretic".

To respond to him, the Bishop opted for a bit of Internet Theology: portions are cribbed from Wikipedia's page on "Sedevacantism", the Catholic Enyclopedia's "Heresy" article and's definition of "Heresy".

When Ruben asked for the Bishop's thoughts on "telikinesis" [sic], the Bishop responded with extracts cribbed from Wikipedia's "Psychokinesis" page.

The Bishop's actual thoughts were summed up thusly:
I retain an absolutely open mind on the question of telekinesis, having witnessed far more bizarre and unexplained phenomena than objects mysteriously moving or being moved by the power of someone's mind.


Vampirologist said...



Anthony Hogg said...


Your comment was pretty self-defeating.

I mean, what kind of life do you have, if you comment on a blog by a person who isn't KNOWN AND DOESN'T WANT TO BE KNOWN BY CERTAIN OTHER PEOPLE?


Unsurprisingly, you didn't address the actual issue raised in the blog, which is, that your boss is a plagiarist.

I guess that's in light of your own frequent practice of it.

Vampirologist said...

First, he is known to me.

Second, your obsession with certain people is now reaching boiling point and exposes you as a compulsive stalker and harasser.

Third, what possible business is any of this of yours? At least I am a longstanding member of the Vampire Research Society and was involved in the matter about which you speculate and pontificate as if there was little else in your life.

Find a girlfriend, or a hobby of some sort if girls aren't your sort of thing.

Anthony Hogg said...

So I'm an harasser and stalker because I expose the Bishop as a plagiarist?

Come on now, Dennis! You're running out of material!

It's funny for someone who flaps their gums so much about Farrant and others, that you don't actually discuss your own involvement in the bloody Case?

What's the matter? Vampire got your tongue?

Vampirologist said...

"It's funny for someone who flaps their gums so much about Farrant and others, that you don't actually discuss your own involvement in the bloody Case?" blusters Anthony Hogg.

I leave the flapping of gums to Anthony Hogg who spends much of his time in a flap about people twice his age and events about as far away in distance as you can get; events that occurred before he was conceived on which he endlessly and needlessly speculates to no useful end other than to fuel ill-feeling which already exists between folk he does not know in a country on the other side of the world.

Is this to gain some sort of misguided idea of self-importance? That is my own piece of conjecture.

The reason I don't discuss my activities past and present is because I choose not to, which is a choice I have made and no amount of harassment from Hogg can change.

The purpose of my posting is to counter the malicious misinformation being put out by Farrant and his tiny clique of malcontents; misinformation that frequently finds amplification on Hogg's blog.

Anthony Hogg said...


If I'm addressing you, why do you feel the need to talk to an imaginary reader, i.e. "I leave the flapping of gums to Anthony Hogg..."?

Also, what's age got to do with it? We're talking about public figures here, and an alleged Case of modern day vampirism.

You repeat the claim of me fueling a feud, but say nothing of your involvement of perpetuating it.

As I suggested to you, why don't you let it rest yourself?

I don't see the point in you not discussing the Case, considering your own alleged involvement in it...yet, you're happy to continuously rail against Farrant and propagate your copy-n-paste diatribes.

How am I harassing you, if I'm responding to comments you choose to leave on my blog?

Why is your sole purpose to "counter the malicious misinformation being put out by Farrant and his tiny clique of malcontents"? Why don't you follow your Prez's advice and let it drop?

Don't you have better things to do? Like, oh, I don't know, help run the VRS?

What exactly does your job entail with them?


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