Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Peas in a Pod

It seems that TFO ("Demonologist") has inadvertently revealed how entwined Manchester and Farrant are in the Highgate Vampire Case.

In this comment to John Baldry Cat's "Farrant Rates Women of the World", TFO displays his uncanny grasp of minutiae concerning the good Bishop. In this case, discussing other publishers who were interested in Manchester's tale, The Highgate Vampire.

However, it wound up being published by the British Occult Society in 1985, an organisation Manchester served as president of, at the time. Why? Here's one reason:
One of the amendments to his manuscript that was found unacceptable by him [Manchester -ed.] was the excising of all reference to Farrant whom the publisher saw as superfluous to the account.
TFO then presents a speculative what-if scenario, also inadvertently revealing how indebted Farrant should be to Manchester, for helping him turn Farrant into a renowned public figure:
If the same book was being written today, Seán Manchester would probably not mention Farrant who, if he is known at all (I've lost count of all the people who have said they would never have heard of Farrant but for reading Seán Manchester's book) it is because of the success of "The Highgate Vampire" which is about to be turned into a major cinema film.
Good one.

Of course, the "if he is known at all" statement is especially amusing not only in light of TFO frequently mentioning Farrant in his writings, but also being a follower of VRS Member Arminius Vámbéry's Farrant-devoted blog, In the Shadow of the Highgate Vampire.

And he's not the only one.

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