Thursday, September 24, 2009

Postscript to the Previous Post

I was just about to write this on the Bishop's blog:

That's fine. I mainly wanted to know if you use the usernames "Vampirologist" and/or "Demonologist". You clarified that you did not.

You also agreed to ask Dennis to come, and said you were "reasonably confident" that he'd agree. That's cool.

You've established that you have no objections to meeting Farrant, either. That is fine, also.

As I've said before, I only hope peace to come out of this. The terms are reasonable. There's not much stopping it from happening. Great.
When I noticed that Carol's comment had been deleted and this added in its stead:
No further comments on this matter will be accepted from anyone other than the individual whom it concerns [that is, David Farrant -ed.].
He certainly don't waste time!

I hurriedly notified David about the Bishop's response:

The Bishop now says he won't accept anymore comments on the meet...apart from yourself.

So, by all means, discuss the matter with the Bishop on his "Public Request for Private Meeting" blog entry.
Serve to Farrant.

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