Sunday, June 20, 2010

Fighting Vampires with Vampires

Earlier this year, I wrote about David's disdain of vampires. More specifically, their association with the Highgate Vampire Case. Here's a snippet:
As to your quip . . . “Without the Highgate vampire case they wouldn’t be talking here at all”, etc, I rather think that relates more to yourself Anthony! You seem unable to talk about little else; notwithstanding its 40-year old history! It is YOURSELF who keeps incessantly referring to this case Anthony – almost like you’ve got some sort of obsession with it!
The vampire angle is something that he's been trying to whitewash for years, despite using it to further his own attention-seeking ends. Harsh? Well, here's proof. Want more? Scroll through the titles on his booklist.

And then there's this doozy from my "interview" with him last year:
DAWWIH?: Why is it that after the court case, you allowed yourself to be filmed in a television news article reconstructing your patrols for the vampire with a stake and cross? You also did the same thing for an article with Barrie Simmons. If you say the press labeled you with a "vampire hunter" tag, then why did you give demonstrations of stalking vampires in Highgate Cemetery to other members of the press?

DF: Why not? It was what the Press and television wanted.
Now, getting back to that vampire thang, you know, the one I have an "obsession" with, and that I like keeping its "40-year old history" alive. Yep, looks like I've got a contender!

And just who is this contender, you might be asking? Why, look no further than Dave's blog!
It seems interest in my film on the Highgate ‘vampire’ is still very active; which is why, I guess, the Producers want to add more footage. I hope they do, because all I’m doing is relating that whole story as it actually happened. NOT what other people may have been led to believe what ‘happened’, but as events really took place in actual reality. (They had nothing whatsoever to do with ‘blood-sucking vampires!). Most of such reports just amount to pure fiction and imagination and THEY JUST DIDN’T HAPPEN! (Except in the mind’s of a very few misguided individuals, that is).
Yeah, he's still banging that same old drum. One that seems, strangely enough, to exist independently of myself!

Oh, and he's heaps more fuel onto the feud fire, one of the other things keeping this thing alive:
My new book “Pact with the Devil”, is now ready for distribution, and I hope that will serve to clear some of the mysteries in the ‘puzzle’. It does not serve to redress the claims of ‘vampires’ (and other ‘vamp[ire enthusiasts’), just to set the record straight, that’s all.
It's somewhat ironic that the guy who repeatedly shuns the bloodsucking vampire variant, has pretty much built his, ahem, "career" off it. In fact, come to think of it, his very livelihood seems to be built on vampires and feuding. Hell, he even called his bloody autobiography, In the Shadow of the Highgate Vampire.

Looks like the vampires got him after all.

Oh, and did you notice I was rather specific about him shunning the "bloodsucking vampire variant"? You see, the biggest joke of all is, that it's not that Dave doesn't believe in vampires, it's just that he doesn't believe in the classic bloodsucking-corpse variety.

I mean, come on, how preposterous are they? You'd have to be a total buffoon to believe in something like that!

Everyone knows they suck psychic energy instead!

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