Thursday, May 28, 2009

Demonologist Gets Sidetracked

Unsurprisingly, TFO aka "Demonologist" bypassed my previous post and instead, shifted his focus on something truly insipid and paltry, via a comment he left on "Wanna Be Their Friend?".

The blog entry gave coverage to "rival" Facebook groups, namely the Highgate Vampire Society (presided by David Farrant) and the Vampire Research Society (presided over by Sean Manchester).

In the post, I pointed out that the VRS group "outranks David's group of "friends" (40 members against 77, as of this writing)".

TFO/Demonologist decided to "correct" this statement thusly:
It actually outranks Farrant's group by significantly more.

You might want to review your statistics.

The Vampire Research Society currently has 177 members (not 77).

While Farrant's Highgate Vampire Society has 43 members on Facebook.
Obviously, TFO/Demonologist isn't familiar with the term "as of this writing". The "statistics" were correct at the time of my blog entry's publication, i.e., Friday, May 1, 2009 1:44am.

Apart from the blatant error, I do wonder what TFO is getting at. Is he trying to say that because Manchester's group has more "friends", that it somehow makes it more legitimate?

What an odd way of upholding their claims!

Let's discount friend requests, spam, multiple user names and so forth, to think about this for a second. Let's say, for argument's sake, that all the people on the VRS's page genuinely want to be the Bishop's friend.

Has the VRS surveyed them to determine how many actually believe what the VRS claims? How do you know they're not merely "fans" of his writings and/or claims rather than actual believers?

Facebook is populated by a huge array of strange groups. Who's to say the VRS isn't viewed in the same manner?

Now that we've sorted all that out, will you get onto responding to my queries directed at yourself, Demonologist?

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