Friday, May 22, 2009

Discussing Public Figures on LiveJournal

Check out the coverage given to "Alex Lucard" and his involvement with Sean Manchester and the Highgate Vampire Case, over at Exposing LJ Abuse.

Lucard originally wrote about Manchester via his LiveJournal site. However, complaints were made to staff can read the rest of what happened in the article.

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Vampirologist said...

I am personally acquainted with Bishop Seán Manchester and have been for some considerable time. He is exceptionally learned in the field of demonolatry, especially vampire lore, and has given talks and lectures about these topics for four decades, having contributed to radio, television and film productions over the same period. His works in print are among the most popular non-fiction books about vampires and vampirism to be found anywhere. The Highgate Vampire is probably his best known. Therefore, I take offence to the suggestion that Bishop Manchester has ever harassed anyone when, in fact, plenty of people have taken it upon themselves to harass and stalk him.

An American by the name of Alex Lucard has been obsessively blogging about Bishop Seán Manchester for years, employing calumny from the usual source, ie a man convicted for tomb vandalism and desecration in Highgate Cemetery during the 1970s who was sentenced to four years' eight months' imprisonment; someone who has done nothing more with his life than pursue malicious vendettas, most particulary against Bishop Manchester, and someone who views the bishop as his arch-nemesis regarding the Highgate Vampire case.

Alex Lucard, whose issues of transparent envy might stem from the fact that he is a horror film fan, makes the unsubstantiated and absurd claim that because his self-advertised surname and initial - "A Lucard" - spell "Dracula" backwards Bishop Seán Manchester must therefore inevitably be stalking him with view to driving a stake through his heart!

Only a a very silly youngster with an obsession about such ideas could dream up something like that!

Bishop Seán Manchester has not “stalked” anyone, least of all Alex Lucard whom he does not know, has never heard of and, if he had, would not be remotely interested in. Why would a celebrated English author and consecrated bishop be interested in someone thousands of miles away in another country with a penchant for asininity?

Lucard, in actual fact, has a history of stalking Bishop Seán Manchester on the internet, not the other way around. Apart from a similar rebuttal (probably made by me), you will find no mention of Alex Lucard on any of Bishop Seán Manchester's boards and forums. You will, however, find plenty of mention of Bishop Seán Manchester on Alex Lucard's multifarious websites where convicted UK felon David Farrant often inserts his libellous abuse and malicious falsehood when Lucard is not repeating it himself.

Why is Lucard so obsessed with Bishop Seán Manchester? That, I suppose, is strictly something for Alex Lucard and his psychiatrist to work out.

All I hear is talk about what this or that misfit is threatening to do against Bishop Seán Manchester - usually from the safety of another country and always with the culprit hiding behind a computer. Nothing ever happens, of course, because these people are cowardly non-entities trying to steal some limelight for themselves by making false allegations and fabricating nonsense in order to ride briefly on the coat-tails of a much admired figure in England who is not even aware of their existence.


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