Friday, May 1, 2009

In the Shadow of a Plagiarist

It doesn't really surprise me that the author of a blog called, In the Shadow of the Highgate Vampire (ITSOTHV), is a blatant plagiarist akin to TFO (if he isn't TFO, himself. "Coincidentally", TFO is also the blog's only follower, as of this writing).

Not only is the title of ITSOTHV "borrowed" from David's latest autobiography, the banner "borrowed" from one of my posts (both mentioned in the previous entry), but it also seems he can't keep his grubby little hands off Manchester's work, either.

Compare ITSOTHV's "Introduction" against "Introduction by the Author" in Manchester's Aftermath of the Highgate Vampire: Final Struggle Against a Post-Demonic Infestation at Highgate (AOTHV:FSAAPDIAH).

Then, match up ITSOTHV's "Hymn to Pan" with AOTHV:FSAAPDIAH's "Part the Ninth". Now, ITSOTHV's "Invoking the Vampire" and AOTHV:FSAAPDIAH's "Part the Second". And then ITSOTHV's "A Convenient Bandwagon" with AOTHV:FSAAPDIAH's "Part the First".

I'm sure you're getting the picture now, but I'll cite two more, just to drive a stake through this undead beast.

Compare ITSOTHV's "Dark Secrets" against AOTHV:FSAAPDIAH's "Part the Eighth" and, lastly, ITSOTHV's "Source of Falsification" with AOTHV:FSAAPDIAH's "Part the Third".

Yes, essentially we have a Blogger blog featuring regurgitations from Manchester's still-extant ClearBlogs blog, "written" (i.e., copy and pasted) by a bloke naming himself after a dead Hungarian scholar.

You might be asking yourself, quite rightly, "what's the bloody point?"

That's an interesting question in light of the "endorsement" ITSOTHV is given by the VRS, by virtue of it being linked via their Facebook group. Its administrator is Sean Manchester himself. Evidentally, the VRS/he supports wholesale plagiarism.

Unless, of course, it's not plagiarism at all, but Manchester regurgitating his material under a pseudonym, using a variety of forums to rehash the same old stuff.

But why would a vampire-huntin' Bishop want to do something as crazy as that?

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