Friday, May 1, 2009

Wanna Be Their Friend?

You can't keep a good vampire down. Vampire group, that is.

Now you've got your choice of two! And you can add them both via the wonders of Facebook: the latest medium the opposing sides of the Highgate Vampire Case are using to promote their...uh...cause.

David gave me a heads-up on his group's Facebook presence ("The Highgate Vampire Society") in an e-mail dated Tuesday, 21 April 2009 9:55:38 PM. The e-mail I sent him prior to that (Tue, 21 Apr 2009 7:46 am) concerned answers to a batch of questions I'm awaiting his answers to.

Interestingly, the date given on the Facebook page for his Society's founding ("1996") contradicts the account given by Marc Mullen:
David Farrant, president of the British Psychic and Occult Society, founded the Highgate Vampire Society in 1997.
Oh, and David's own website:
But in 1997, following a mass of speculation about the so-called Highgate Vampire and misguided controversy that had come to surround his name - not least because this had spread to a world wide interest in the case - David Farrant decided to form the Highgate Vampire Society, its purpose (as he said at the time) . . . “One of our main aims will be to become a repository for all the oral history and written data concerning the Highgate Vampire”.
And now, contrast this raison d'être with the one found on the Facebook page:
The Highgate Vampire Society (THVS) was established in 1996 to investigate ongoing reports of any unexplained phenomenon in and around Highgate Cemetery, in North London.

Next, we have the Vampire Research Society.

It outranks David's group of "friends" (40 members against 77, as of this writing), but, of course, there's not much else you'd find on it, that you couldn't find from the VRS's website. Hell, even its "blurb" is taken from there.

Apart from three links to books available for sale (accessible via its links page) by the VRS (can't say Manchester ain't an opportunist!), it also features links to blogs (Vampire Research Society, Journal of a Vampirologist and Did A Wampyr Walk In Highgate? [no, not my one]) by the decidedly suspect TFO. You'd think Manchester (the site's administrator) would would to step back from such connections. Not embrace them!

But, there's also another blog featured on the VRS's Facebook group links page. One I haven't seen before: In the Shadow of the Vampire (subtitled, "The Life of a Lack-lustre Luciferian Layabout"). Is it a mere coincidence that it shares the same primary title as David's autobiography?

Mmm, I doubt it.

Oh, and it also "borrows" the screencap I took for "Farrant on YouTube".

Did I mention that the blog is attributed to a guy who died in 1913? Its author bills himself as "Arminius Vámbéry". Nice and subtle there. Anyway, I think we'll look more into that blog, later.

Oh, by the way, if you join either of those Facebook groups, you do so at your own peril! If you find that your personal info has or hasn't been, possibly, used against you, can't say you weren't warned!

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Vampirologist said...

"It outranks David's group of "friends" (40 members against 77)."

It actually outranks Farrant's group by significantly more.

You might want to review your statistics.

The Vampire Research Society currently has 177 members (not 77).

While Farrant's Highgate Vampire Society has 43 members on Facebook.


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