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David's Response to My Queries

After writing my queries to David, I e-mailed him to let him know they were on my blog.

Here's his reply ("Re: From David". Friday, 20 February 2009 4:46:19 AM):
Hi Anthony,

That is all far too much to answer now but I'll get back to your essential points later which you can publish if you want.

The Society was originally formed in 1967 and called the British Occult Society. Manchester became a 'fringe member' in 1969 but was later expelled in 1970 for canvassing for the National Front and using the Society's name in the Press without our permission. The name of the Society was changed to the BPOS in 1983 because Manchester had embarked upon a vendetta against us following his expulsion.

This still continues,

For the moment,


I'll send you an interesting link (to the recent French TV thing) later.
He added this further response ("Re: From David. Friday, 20 February 2009 7:55:08 AM):
Following my email, here's something you may be able to have fun with in case you missed it.

It was on French TV on the Canal channel and televised last Sept. Don't know who put it on YouTube

Please let me know what you think. I'd be interested to know,

For now

The link he supplied me with, is one that I already covered in "Farrant on YouTube". In it, he is billed as an
"Ancien gourou Lucifierien" (Former Luciferian guru). Of course, TFO went on to give coverage to the same video, in which he pinched my screencap and Babelfish-powered translation of the caption accorded to David. See: "Qui profane nos tombes?", British Occult Society.

TFO notes that:
Farrant also has no problem during this interview being described as a "Luciferian" and a "Satanist."

Elsewhere. of course, he has denied being a Satanist, or anything vaguely like one, and has also denied ever encountering a vampire.
This is interesting, in light of the information provided on David's own website ("FAQ"):

No. And I have always condemned their activities. Many of my articles and writings from the past can confirm this fact.


Yes. Well, I used to be. I guess in one respect, I still am. Its rather like a priest in any Church. Just because he (or she) retires does not mean they are no longer an ordained Priest.
But now we have an interesting kettle of fish - namely, that David claims to have been the original founder of the British Occult Society.

Not only that, but that it was actually founded in 1967, rather than the earlier date mentioned by "Vampirologist" ("Genesis of the Vampire Research Society", Vampire Research Society):
The British Occult Society was originally formed as an umbrella organisation circa 1860 [of the Ghost Club Society -ed.]. Much of its activities in the late nineteenth and early twentieth century are shrouded in mystery. It came out of the closet, however, in the mid-twentieth century before finally disappearing in 1988. During that period it was presided over by Seán Manchester who placed emphasis on investigating the claims of the occult and the study and research of paranormal phenomena. Out of this history sprang the Vampire Research Society, founded by the president of the British Occult Society who first appeared on British television on 13 March 1970
Even more disturbingly, David claims that Manchester was a "'fringe' member" until he was booted out for canvassing for the National Front (a right-wing, British racist organisation) and using the BOS's name.

This, of course, completely contradicts Manchester's version ("The 1970 Television Interviews with David Farrant"):
David Farrant was not a member of the British Occult Society which, until its dissolution in August 1988, was strictly an organisation for the examination of alleged occult and paranormal phenomena. It did not countenance occult practices. Its president was an exorcist who, in later years, entered holy orders.
Dennis Crawford, International Secretary of the Vampire Research Society, also elaborates (Message 2, "Vampire Research Society", The Highgate Vampire):
The British Occult Society, prior to its dissolution on 08.08.88, was presided over by Seán Manchester who accepted the leadership on 21 June 1967. The BOS made its television debut on 13 March 1970 when its president featured on Today (Thames Television) to represent the Society’s investigation into reported happenings in and around Highgate Cemetery, London, which had been accumulating since early 1967.
So who's telling the truth?

Either way, I look forward to David providing answers to these and the other questions I posed him in previous entries.

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