Sunday, March 7, 2010

Contradiction Man Strikes Again!

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On Discussing the Highgate Vampire

David Farrant, Arcadia forum, 01 Feb 2010 2:11 pm:
As to your quip . . . “Without the Highgate vampire case they wouldn’t be talking here at all”, etc, I rather think that relates more to yourself Anthony! You seem unable to talk about little else; notwithstanding its 40-year old history! It is YOURSELF who keeps incessantly referring to this case Anthony – almost like you’ve got some sort of obsession with it!

I am really not interested in that particular case anymore, Anthony, It is DEAD (excuse the pun!) there are far more many genuine cases of psychic phenomena to be investigated apart from that one!
David Farrant, "Mundane Things Like That", The Human Touch, Thursday, February 4th, 2010 at 2:47 am:
Had a call earlier from a certain TV company again. Doing another interview on the Highgate case very soon. Will give more details a little later, although you’ll probably see it anyway.
"The Highgate Vampire Society" page and David Farrant, Arcadia forum, 06 Mar 2010 2:36 pm:
After all, the case of the so-called Highgate phenomenon is not really a private issue or one that can be affected by personal views or interpretations. It is a matter of public record and should thus be open to continued input and debate, and not be allowed to become clouded or influenced by those who have no knowledge of events as these actually occurred.

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