Friday, March 5, 2010

Poor Diddums

Here's an interesting Facebook update I stumbled across:

And here's the group's description:
Life is sh1t sometimes. And we all know it! Send us your photos to prove it. Let us share in the mundanity, the horror and the pointlessless of it all.


No porn, violence, sex or cruelty, please.

Every now and then we'll group the images into a small photobook, which will be available to order on demand on a non-profit basis.

The books will be available at cost direct from a different website. Personally we don't give a stuff if no-one buys them, but they would make great Xmas/Birthday/Break-up presents for that special person.

What we like: shopping bags in trees, litter, stalking, drunks, ugly partners, daft friends, broken technology and loads of lovely drizzle.

What we don't like: kittens, puppies, beautiful landscapes and uplifting poetry. Unless they're intrinsically dismal.

Oh, and we'll probably include any of your downbeat comments, chats in the photobooks too.

So, all there is left to say is: pick up your cameras, and your phones. Its a terrible world out there. Let's see it!
Has David been an emo all along? I guess it'd fit in with his constant wailing about vampires and the Press out to get him.

Cheer up Davey!

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