Friday, March 5, 2010

Residue Reviews from Bygone Days

Once upon a time ago, Catherine Fearnley used to be on David's side.

She was not only elevated to the rank of his then-girlfriend, but simultaneously served as the Secretary of both his Highgate Vampire Society and British Psychic and Occult Society.

Today, I came across an Amazon review for the second edition of Farrant's Beyond the Highgate Vampire: A True Case of Supernatural Occurrences and "Vampirism" That Centred Around London's Highgate Cemetery (1994).

The reviewer is one "Ms. C. E. Fearnley". Amazingly, the author's Secretary/girlfriend of the time, gives the 43 page book a whopping five stars. Indeed, it's the only review she contributed under that username. Here's what she has to say about the book(let):

The 'reviews' of my book "Beyond the Highgate Vampire" by "a reader" and "Robin Crisp" are really advertizing Mr. Sean Manchester's own book "The Highgate Vampire" and it does not take too much intelligence to realise who the real author is.

Obviously it is 'somebody' who is fanatically opposed to my own book "Beyond the Highgate Vampire" - which contains full-plate photographs (many of Highgate Cemetery) and has a colour cover, incidentally.

Contrary to the mistaken statement by Amazon above (well, they can't always get it right' bless 'em') "Beyond the Highgate Vampire" IS still available; in fact, not so long ago, it came out as a 4th revised edition.

There are NO 'stolen copyright photographs' in the book as alleged by the above 'reviewer'(although there are a couple of exclusive pictures of the person who really wrote these 'reviews',) and the book (along with many other of my books on 'ghosts' and the paranormal)is available from: The British Psychic and Occult Society (BPOS) PO Box 1112, London N10 3XE so please just write for details.

Or alternatively, contact Amazon who will now be informed of their oversight.

Just to set the record straight,
Apart from the obvious hypocricy of complaining about other reviewers advertising their items - only to go ahead and do it, also - what's most amusing about this review is the sign-off name used within the account:
David Farrant, Author (of) "Beyond the Highgate Vampire"
Yeah, that's right. It looks like David's taken to dressing in drag. Oh, and giving his own books unreasonably high ratings.

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