Monday, February 23, 2009

Addendum to Ask a Bish

It seems an indirect response to a comment I made in "Ask a Bish"...
The forum's URL (lordbishopmanchester) would also seem to indicate a rise through the ranks!
...has been responded to by Bishop Manchester himself!

Here's what he says in "Questions, Impersonations and Shadows" on The Cross and the Stake:
I am obliged to use "lordbishopmanchester" instead of my customary "bishopmanchester," "bishopseanmanchester" or "seanmanchester" due to an antipathetic individual by the name of Craig Adams of Muswell Hill, London, filching all my previous user names when MSN first announced the transfer to Multiply. He managed to pilfer all the accounts in my names.
Pilfering account names, eh? I know the feeling.

Speaking of pilfering, though, boy does that screencap look familiar...

In justification of using the "lordbishopmanchester" tag, Bishop Manchester also adds:
Most people, of course, will be aware that the title "Lord Bishop" is traditional usage and absolutely correct for those elevated to the episcopate within the One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church.
Fair enough, then.

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