Saturday, February 28, 2009

Still Draining

In "Vampires Drain David Dry", I discussed David's reluctance to discuss vampires on his blog, The Human Touch.

Well, it's good to see that he's been keeping that proud tradition alive. Take "Found Some Old Letters...", for instance:
I had receipts today from the London Agents for the British Library. All the University Libraries have now got copies. So now I can tell you what the title is (if you haven’t already found it on Amazon”. It is . . . DAVID FARRANT: IN THE SHADOW OF THE HIGHGATE VAMPIRE (Vol 1) and it costs ₤12.99.
It is indeed a good thing David eschews the dreaded "V" word, as found in such works like Beyond the Highgate Vampire (1991/1992/1997), The Vampyre Syndrome: The Truth Behind the Highgate Vampire Legend (2000), Return of the Vampire Hunter: An Exclusive Interview with Reclusive Vampire Hunter, David Farrant (2003) by Rob Milne, The Case of the Highgate Vampire, In Search of the Highgate Vampire or The Highgate Vampire Casebook Files.

I mean, we don't want the media to be associating him "ridiculous fanciful ‘vampires’", do we? Surely, it's their fault for quoting his own words! Like this ditty in from Marc Mullen's "Vampire Active Again, Says Occult Expert" (Ham & High, 02 September 2005):
The sighting of a tall, black figure in April on Swains Lane makes me think the vampire is active again.
However, if you want the real scoop on vampires from the President of the Highgate Vampire Society, then have a read of "Interview with the Real Vampire Hunter", Bite Me magazine:
As for my concept of a vampire, it is necessary to mention the existence of the incubus and succubus, male and female demons respectively (I prefer to call them psychic entities) that visit sleeping people by night and supposedly have sex with them.
Saucy stuff!

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