Saturday, February 21, 2009

A History of Societies

Vampire Research Society
You can have a read of a timeline posted on, regarding the formation of the Vampire Research Society.

In contradiction of David's recent claims, the timeline establishes a link to the British Occult Society, allegedly founded in 1860.

The VRS also has a page covering its history, incorporating an article called "Lone Vampire Hunter Caught on the Moonlight Trail of Highgate Vampire" (The Sun, 19 August 1970), in which David Farrant's name has been censored. For some reason.

The Highgate Vampire Society
You can read about The Highgate Vampire Society on David's webpage. It is also given coverage by Marc Mullen in "Vampire Active Again, Claims Occult Expert" (Ham & High, 02 September 2005).

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