Friday, February 6, 2009

Stay Tuned...

Rob Brautigam's "The "Vampire" of Highgate Cemetery" page over at Shroudeater, discusses the mass of material he's collected on the Case:
And for way too many years I have just been sitting here staring at those bookshelves and folders and boxes, not knowing where to start. Alright then, just like all the people who were involved in this case, I am not getting any younger. I think that the time has come for action !
However, you'll have to stay tuned for his report. He has this to say on its readiness:
Probably not before the end of this year [2008]. Well, if it is going to take a little longer, then it's simply going to be later than that. Like everything else in this world it is all in the hands of the Gods. We are only human. All that we can do is do our worst and see what happens...
If you'd like to read some of Rob's other thoughts on the Case, click here.

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