Monday, February 23, 2009

The Final Interview?

Have a read of "Interview with a Vampirologist", which was conducted by David McNamee for a student-based journal named Cry Wolf, in 2002.

It is billed as "the last interview given by Bishop Manchester on the subject of vampires for a publication."

Indeed, the following question and its response highlighted the need to retreat from the spotlight:
Have any threats of injury or harm ever been made to you over information you possess or information you have attempted to make public?

I have been advised not to attempt to provide an answer to this question. There is a current criminal investigation for a pending case to be brought before the Director of Public Prosecutions. It is of the kind to which you allude.
It comes with the following purple addendum:
[That investigation resulted in an arrest, but the source of the problem still remains. Bishop Manchester ceased making media appearances in July 2002, and no longer gives interviews to anyone. His privacy is now paramount.]
Fast forward to the October 2008 issue of It's Fate.

A reproduction of the article can be found in "UK magazine features Seán Manchester", courtesy of katrinagarforth-bles1 (Katrina Garforth-Bles, National Secretary of the Vampire Research Society) on The Cross and the Stake.

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