Thursday, February 5, 2009

Is Dennis Crawford Actually The (Fake) Overseer in Disguise?

The latest post on TFO's new blog, Vampire Research Society, would seem to indicate as much.

In strangely referring to itself as an "Advisory Service on Vampires and Vampirism", it fails to mention that its (so far only) post cribs a sizable chunk of Dennis Crawford's ("DennisCrawford1") message 1 on "The British Occult Society & The Ghost Club Society" thread from the British Occult Society MSN Group.

Has a mere Sean Manchester sympathiser (which TFO bills himself to be) set himself as a representative of the VRS? It should be noted that Dennis Crawford is the organisation's International Secretary. (See: Vampire Research Society homepage).

That's not the only thing the homepage reveals.

For some unknown reason, the VRS has decided to incorporate TFO's plagiaristic blog, Journal of a Vampirologist, into its menu. So, obviously TFO must be "speaking" with some air of authority on the VRS's behalf.

The plot thickens when we take into account Dennis' Oct 1, '06 criticism of my use of the username, "The Overseer", in association with my MSN Group:
I nevertheless refer you to the first nine words of St Paul's First letter to Timothy (3: 2-7) which describes qualities required of an Overseer: "An overseer, then, or bishop, must be above reproach ..." The Revised English Bible uses the word "bishop" whereas the New American Standard Bible employs "overseer." An overseer in ecclesial terms is a bishop.
Yet, strangely, Dennis took a completely different, much more tolerant view of TFO ripping-off my own username, for his own purposes:
The manager of Did A Vampire Walk In Highgate? took to employing the pseudonym The Overseer in protest against Hogg's misuse of the title.

I fail to see how ripping-off my username "in protest", then using it to repetitively plagiarise VRS and other sources, warrants such acts of social justice. I'd hardly call that action "above reproach".

If TFO is indeed Dennis Crawford, then he's got a lot to answer for.

For one thing, it is fairly indicting of the International Secretary of the VRS, when he engages in the game of publicly revealing personal information (i.e., my real name) of people who use the VRS website, all the while hiding behind a username - one adopted from myself, no less - to carry out a vendetta against myself. This is one in a catalogue of shady tactics.

I'd call for his resignation.

But does Dennis Crawford even speak on his own behalf?

Craig Adams, a former member of Don Ecker's Dark Matters forum, alleged that the following usernames all emanated from Sean Manchester's IP:
+Seán (Superior General)
+Seán Manchester
Bishop's Chaplain
Bishop's PR Secretary
Bishop Seán Manchester
Crusader Knight
FoBSM Administration
Old Catholic Church
The Apostle
The Author
The Informative One
The Overseer
The last belongs to TFO aka "Gothic" aka "Vampirologist".

Interestingly, it wouldn't be the first time such pseudonyms have been used.

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