Thursday, February 19, 2009

Ecker's Second Take

Well, it looks like he's down, but not out.

In "Ecker's Take", I mentioned that Don Ecker's board had been shut down.

Well, according to "Hello world!" (Dark Matters Radio), it wasn't just the site's forum that went offline:
Hello internet! After a number of months the Dark Matters Radio website is back. The old DMR website went down after the producer of Dark Matters Radio had some health issues. The show went “dark” and finally he pulled down the website. A bit of time passed while I debated whether I wished to re-start the site but this being the 21st Century I decided to put it back up.
Fortuitously enough, his latest blog entry, "Vampires & Nasties PLUS! British "NANCY-Boys"", discusses his involvement with the Highgate Vampire Case.

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