Thursday, June 25, 2009

Don's Report Disappears!

The last I spoke of it, Don's revised report was accessible through a different site.

Well, it's gone...again. And this time, Sean Manchester direct involvement in its removal was much more discernible. Lone Stranger gives it coverage in "Crybaby Sean Tries to Silence Don Ecker Report", which includes a reproduction of Manchester's complaint.

Mr. Stranger also notes:
Well Sean, I'm flummoxed. Your sock puppet the Demonologist [one of TFO's usernames. -ed.] said you never read the blogosphere as you are far to busy with important things, yet here you are emailing in person. You traffic with Satanists, yet see yourself as the holiest of holies. You lift other's images, use them and claim fair use, but infringe upon the rights of others to use your images even when it's within their legal rights. Sean, you are the biggest hypocrite in the western world.

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