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The Ecker Report Rides High

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Of course much more was to come, but after I had requested getting an interview with Manchester via “KGB” this came to naught. I also asked John Spencer to make some inquiries to the Farrant group, John did and I received a note from his webmaster. I explained my interest to them and asked if I could speak to Farrant and also do an interview with him. After a few days (Farrant was tied up with some other matters) he agreed to my calling him for a short conversation. We agreed on a time and I called him and had a very interesting chat. I questioned him about “Elizabeth Wojdyla” and of course “Lusia.” David Farrant gave me information I would of otherwise not been able to get on this side of the Atlantic ocean. For example, in the first edition of “The Highgate Vampire” there was a photo of “fang marks” on Wojdyla’s throat and in the second edition this was removed. Farrant told me that he was able to find her in the late 1970’s and according to what he told me, Elizabeth admitted to him that the picture was done as a joke with Manchester putting the “fang marks” on her with a “Magic Marker” pen. As far as Jacqueline Cooper, Farrant told me that Manchester had a romantic interest in her and she was named in Manchester’s divorcing his then wife [Marie Manchester -ed.] with Cooper being named as cause.
[Don's original report was originally accompanied by a reproduction of the divorce certificate (No. 11323 of 1970). Indeed, VRS representative, "Demonologist" (note that at least two VRS pages - its homepage and "Highgate Vampire Domain" - link to his blogs, not to mention his frequently speaking on their behalf and claiming to be "personally acquainted" with Manchester himself) makes oblique reference to it in this comment: "Never mind the uploading of a confidential high court document that was obtained through deception by David Farrant and forwarded to Don Ecker whose reproduction of it is in breach of UK law." He doesn't make any claims against its authenticity, but instead notes it as a "confidential high document", thus, we can be assured that it's the real deal. And, it does indeed list Jacqueline Cooper for the reasons mentioned. -ed.]
On July 26, 2007 I interviewed David Farrant, long distance, for my Dark Matters Radio Show. The interview was not quite two hours in length and was enlightening in the depth of information garnered.

By this time I had gathered reams of information on the case, documents, geographical areas of interest, and from contacts in the United Kingdom, information that I would not have otherwise been able to gather because of my distance from the site. The Manchester group, or FoBSM, had been of no help what so ever, except they were very quick to send me news stories of Farrant’s legal troubles over the years including a “news story” about his “de-flowering” a young “virgin” girl.

The following news story was taken from “The Sun”, a British tabloid newspaper, dated October 31, 2006, sent to me by the FoBSM.
[Rather than reprint the article, as Don did in the original report, I'll instead provide this link to it. I should also note that the FoBSM regularly distribute this article and it occasionally finds itself embedded into VRS material. It can even be found in the text that accompanies Sean Manchester's "Dæmon" blog entry for his Metaphysical Meanderings. -ed.]
In this particular email a photograph of Farrant was included of him wearing a “t-shirt” and smoking a cigarette. The t-shirt was a cartoon-ish character called “Bishop Bonkers” taken from a short lived parody titled “Bournemouth Nights” that in a very funny manner, detailed the feud between Manchester and Farrant. This cartoon series ran on a website called “MondoSkepto.” When Manchester found out about the series it was eventually taken down because of his complaints and possible legal actions. The following was also included in the email to me.
[I've omitted the photographs due to potential accusations of copyright violation. Incidentally, the comic was a product of collusion between David and JREF Forum member, CLD (Cecil Lamont-Dwiggins. Most likely not his real name). I was depicted within it as a Manchester sympathiser because I regularly questioned David's claims on the JREF Forum. (see entire thread related to David, here) Indeed, at one point, I was even accused of being Manchester himself. The comics were later collated and published by the British Psychic and Occult Society. David hijacked the JREF Forum thread to give it publicity, generate sales and further line the BPOS's - i.e. his, coffers. -ed.]
David Farrant “advertising a T-shirt distributed and sold by members of the J.R.E.F.F. [James Randi Educational Foundation Forum. -ed.] The T-shirt displays on its front a crude cartoon of Bishop Seán Manchester who is described as "Bishop Bonkers." Talk about infantile!
Is this the best the J.R.E.F.F cronies can come up with in their hate campaign against the bishop? In having David Farrant model their "merchandise" at London's Muswell Hill, however, they have exposed the degree of collusion (behind the scenes) between the J.R.E.F.F. and David Farrant in their mutual vendetta against a man who stands firmly by his faith and his principles.
David Farrant was sentenced to four years and eight months in the UK following convictions for vandalism, desecration and threatening witnessess in a case of sexual assault. David Farrant also has convictions for indecency in a churchyard, theft and illegal possession of a firearm and ammunition. He has spent his entire life living off state benefits and still occupies the attic bed-sitting room he was found while on parole in 1976. David Farrant is a sixty-one-year old publicity-seeker.
One of the foremost inciters of hatred against Bishop Manchester is prominent J.R.E.F.F. member Catrena Hxx of XXXX, North Carolina, USA. She advertises anti-Bishop Seán Manchester items and other material on her websites. She nearly always uses the pseudonyms "The Vampire" (on the J.R.E.F.F.) or "vampire406" on her sites and elsewhere. She is a fifty-year-old female with irrational hatred and contempt for anyone who is Christian or who believes in the supernatural. Last year she also joined David Farrant's personal forum which is devoted exclusively to fabrication, falsehood and malice against the author and exorcist Bishop Seán Manchester.
During the course of the interview I conducted with Farrant, he was open and he was willing to discuss any aspect of the case. He was completely open in our discussion concerning his incarceration in prison, and while he did not discount some type of supernatural influence that may have “haunted” the Highgate Cemetery, he totally denied that there had ever been a vampire haunting the area.
I wanted to know about the two “vampire victims” that were discussed in Manchester’s book. What was the story about Elizabeth Wojdyla and of course Lusia/Jacqueline Cooper? Had they, either of them, been afflicted by anything weird, odd, unusual?
To be continued...


Vampirologist said...

"I questioned him about 'Elizabeth Wojdyla' and of course 'Lusia.' David Farrant gave me information I would of otherwise not been able to get on this side of the Atlantic ocean."

What could Farrant possibly tell anyone about either of these two females? He did not meet Elizabeth. He did not meet Lusia. He had no contact or communication with either woman. He did not know of their existence until he read accounts by Seán Manchester. Farrant knows only what any other reader of The Highgate Vampire knows and nothing more.

Anthony Hogg said...

Again, how would you know what Farrant knows or doesn't about Elizabeth?

You previously admitted you hadn't even met her yourself.

Stop being such a parrot.


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