Thursday, June 25, 2009

That Damn Cat!

Looks like I've been drawing fire over at The Cat's Miaow. It bills itself as "Pithy observations on the world's longest running feud from the world's deadlist cat!"

It's written by a frequent commenter on David's blog, The Human Touch, who goes by the name of "John Baldry's Cat".

The blog entry that covers my good self is "Cousin Hoggy's Final Triumph" in which I am satirised as being incredibly pedantic in a ruthless pursuit for truth from ol' Dave. Probably as revenge for daring to question Dave on inconsistencies within his testimony.

It even looks like a mock-up of my "interview" with the aforementioned old pasty.

Do you think it's a good likeness?

On the plus side, his blog did enable me to pinch his "Recent Comments" widget. Heh heh.


Baldry's Cat said...

Curse you, Hoggy!

But seriously, what's your reaction to Manch...Demonologist's admission on Net Curtains that you make him "rigid"?

Anthony Hogg said...

My first reaction would be to retreat into a coal cellar of my own...

...but thankfully he only said he was "bored rigid" with my "inane comments" that incriminate him.

So, technically speaking, it's boredom that makes him rigid. Which, I suppose, is equally disturbing.


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