Saturday, June 20, 2009

Slouching Toward Disclosure

Demonologist has been getting awfully close to disclosing his identity.

In a recent comment to Lone Stranger's "Feud Watch!" blog entry, he writes:
If, as the Aussie "Overseer" says, my "blogs consist of copy-n-pasted VRS material" that could possibly be because I am a VRS member and have consent to use such material.
Yet, as I pointed out in my response:
If you do indeed have consent to regurgitate such material...why is this not disclosed anywhere in your blogs?

And, more importantly, what is the point of you regurgitating such things...if it's already on the bloody web? Why not just link to it? Provide commentary...something that would justify your blog's existence apart from being part of a VRS propaganda drive.
The response to that should be interesting.

And quite possibly evasive.

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