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Slouching Toward the Ecker Report Conclusion

Here's the previous "issue".
The next area I covered with Farrant was whether or not Manchester was an actual “man of the cloth.” Farrant’s organization contacted the “Old Catholic Church” in Holland, the United States (and on Manchester’s website he states that the Vatican, and churches in the U.S. and Holland recognize his status) and the Old Catholic Church in the U.K. which, according to Farrant, claimed that Manchester did not have any status with them. (And I will add that when I was researching this case I also contacted the U.S. Old Catholic Church in Los Angeles, Florida etc. and they were not aware of any Bishop Sean Manchester. When I informed the several clergy why I was making an inquiry, concerning vampirism, well they were not amused.)
[The original report reproduced a transcription of the letter of by Rev. Illtyd Thomas, mentioned in this post. To elaborate further, it specifically declares: "I, The most Recd. Iltyd Thomas, Servant of Our Lord and Saviour Lord Jesus Christ. By the Grace of God, Bishop in The Old Catholic Church of Utrecht Succession, who did give you Holy orders, to the above named Sean Manchester and again who on the 14 October 1991 did bestow upon him Episcopal Consecration which in itself was null and void as Sean Manchester had not declared he had been involved for some years in the occult which is strictly condemned by Christianity and Christendom. " -ed.]
There is more about that but a newspaper article from the Daily Mirror, dated Thursday November 5 1970 is more precise. The article reads,
"WIFE was “Terrified” by Black Magic threat on the phone."
“A young wife received a terrifying telephone call from a man who made Black Magic threats to her, a court heard yesterday.
The man who made the call, she alleged, was Mr. Sean Manchester, president of the British Occult Society.
The wife, Mrs. Gillian Bradish said that at the time of the phone call, her husband was standing bail for David Farrant who was recently acquitted of being found unlawfully in Highgate Cemetery late at night.”
Later in the article it states,
“Mrs. Bradish told North London magistrates yesterday that Mr. Manchester said over the phone: “Do you believe in Black Magic? Unless Bradish gives up bail for Farrant, something odd will happen to you and the children.”
The article ends with “Manchester, 25, of Holloway-road, Holloway was ordered to keep the peace for a year in the sum of 200 Pounds.
[A scan of the article was also included in Don's original report. Interestingly, the article also states that "he [Farrant] was looking for a vampire, he [Farrant] told his court hearing." in Highgate Cemetery. -ed.]
After the Farrant interview was completed and aired, I tried to get Manchester to sit down to an interview to give his rendition concerning the Highgate case. By this time I had no doubt that “vampires stalking the earth” was absolute nonsense. The following is another email I sent to Manchester via his “National Secretary.
“Dear Ms.Garforth-Bles,

Since you seem to speak for Bishop Manchester I am contacting you to extend an invitation to him on my behalf to be interviewed on my show. (By himself of course, not with Farrant.)

I know you have suggested that I contact Bishop Manchester on his public website but I do not do things that way. Since you have described yourself has his National Security I am contacting you. Feel free to give Bishop Manchester my email address and ask him to send a note if he would appear.”
“She” insisted that in order to contact Manchester I would have to write to him on his public boards. I never did hear from him directly. After they had sent along the audio file with Farrant, mentioned on the show I sent this along.
“Dear Ms.Garforth-Bles,
First, allow me to thank you for the audio wave file of Farrant asserting the reality of a vampire in the Highgate area. I will certainly ask about that.

Now, as to Bishop Manchester. I am not comfortable with your telling me that he would refuse to do a interview when I have not heard from him myself. I realize that you are his Secretary but if he does not wish to appear I prefer he let me know himself so as I am sure that he is aware of my invitation. And the invite is certainly still open.


Don Ecker-Host
Dark Matters Radio
Later of course they placed a two page rebuttal on Manchester’s website whining and sniveling about the show and the “falsehoods” they claimed not only Farrant but also myself perpetrated upon the listening audience. But of course, I had to find it. They didn’t have the “balls” to forward it to me.
To be continued...


Vampirologist said...

Re: "The original report reproduced a transcription of the letter of by Rev. Illtyd Thomas, mentioned in this post."

It is uncanonical for Illtyd Thomas or anyone else to lay claim to possess power to “laicise” Bishop Seán Manchester. Illtyd Thomas claimed this after falling under the influence of the convicted felon and malefic occultist David Farrant in early 2007. Such claims immediately render the claimant suspect as any action of this kind will be regarded by other churches as uncanonical and without meaning. David Farrant has been waging a malicious vendetta against traditional Christians in general and Bishop Seán Manchester in particular for a great many years. Farrant has criminal convictions for malicious vandalism in a cemetery, indecency in a churchyard, tomb desecration via black magic, threatening witnesses in a colleague's sex case with voodoo "death dolls" transfixed with pins (Farrant's colleague was later found guilty of sexually assaulting a young boy), illegal possession of a firearm and theft from a hospital. Farrant was sentenced to a term of four years and eight months imprisonment at London’s Old Bailey in June 1974. He has shown absolutely no remorse since his release and has proceeded to worsen as time goes by.

A member of the Ecclesiastical Law Society brought to Bishop Manchester's attention documentary evidence that Illtyd Thomas has a criminal conviction for theft, has blessed homosexual "unions" and has wittingly "ordained" sexually active homosexuals. Illtyd Thomas also had a close association with the one of the most notorious paedophiles in criminal history in the UK - Roger Gleaves - who "ordained" him sub conditione (we now possess the "Instruments") despite Illtyd Thomas always having strenuously denied this allegation against him. He has also had close associations with various other paedophiles, many of whom are now dead. It has been known for a long time that Illtyd Thomas has had numerous occult connections which has led him to "ordain" Templars, Masons, Theosophists and sundry occultists. David Farrant, possibly the most infamous malefic occultist in the UK today, befriended Illtyd Thomas in early 2007, having been an invited guest to Illtyd Thomas' Muswell Hill home in north London. Farrant, who has been living on state benefits his entire life (he was born in January 1946) resides less than a mile from Illtyd Thomas in an attic bed-sitting room he has occupied since his parole release from prison.

Since his collusion with Farrant in early 2007, Illtyd Thomas has been the subject of much discussion and concern by innumerable Old Catholic jursidictions here in the UK. It had already been decided to excommunicate Illtyd Thomas upon discovery in December 2006 that he is still alive. He had been investigated thoroughly with due consideration since documentary evidence was received in 2002.

Hence, at thirteen hundred hours, ie 1.00 pm (GMT), on the Feast of St David, the former bishop of the autocephalous Old Catholic jurisdiction known as the "Celtic Catholic Church" was duly excommunicated on the grounds of violating the sacred species and his office by ordaining and consecrating sexually active homosexuals, paedophiles, occultists and criminals; being guilty of heresy by accepting sexually active homosexual, paedophile and occultic clergy, and colluding with a malefic occultist, eg David Farrant, to do harm to the ministry, church and person of another autocephalous Old Catholic jurisdiction whose primate is Bishop Seán Manchester. The excommunication was officiated and led by Bishop Manchester using the Rite prescribed in the Rituali Romanum.

Vampirologist said...

Re: Illtyd Thomas

—— When Bishop Seán Manchester and others in his church who accompanied him first made contact with Illtyd Thomas in early 1990, they did so as an existing church which Bishop Seán Manchester led.

—— At no time during Bishop Seán Manchester's period of preparation for diaconation, ordination to the priesthood and episcopal consecration was he under an Oath of Canonical Obedience to Illtyd Thomas.

—— At no time has Bishop Seán Manchester ever signed anything resembling an Instrument of Canonical Obedience to Illtyd Thomas. He has always maintained his independence.

—— It was always understood during Bishop Seán Manchester's preparation for Holy Orders that he came to Illtyd Thomas as an independent church and, therefore, remained autocephalous before, during and after the threefold ordinations that transmitted lines of apostolic succession, which was the sole object of the exercise.

—— Three bishops took part in the episcopal consecration of Bishop Manchester in October 1991, including Bishop Michael Weston of Ealing, London, and Bishop James Henry Vermeulen of Holland.

Response to Ecclesia Apostolica Jesu Christi from David Sattman:

“When I had first heard that Bishop Illtyd Thomas had been formally excommunicated with bell, book, and candle, a most solemn and ancient rite rarely used in modern times, I thought Bishop Manchester had overreacted or perhaps even overstepped his bounds. I especially thought so in light of Bishop Thomas' advanced old age and the likelihood that some amount of dementia has set in.

“But then upon further reflection I considered how long Bishop Thomas has been associating with the avowed enemies of Bishop Manchester and the level of vitriol these people have heaped on Bishop Manchester for all these decades. Furthermore Bishop Thomas has chosen to befriend this notorious band of cut-throats and be taken into the bosom of hell by his own free will. No one forced him to do it, it was his own decision. I believe that he understands what it was he was doing and that the consequences of association with these vile necromancers and diabolists would lead to his excommunication.

“Perhaps some people may think that Bishop Manchester was rather melodramatic using the ancient rite as he did, but the gravity of falling out of the grace of the Church of God must be pointed out in no uncertain terms and that the solemn gravity of excommunication via bell, book, and candle was necessary to drive home this point.

“I pray for the possibility that Bishop Thomas may still, even at this late stage of the game, recant his association with the sworn enemies of Bishop Manchester, repent of his sins, and perhaps still enjoy a return to Christ. It seems however, that his hard heartedness will not allow this. Too bad!

“I wish the Roman Pontiff would excommunicate a few bishops within the fold of the Latin Rite. But then there is the danger of one of these people claiming ‘martyrdom’ as a sort of ‘sacrificial lamb’ on behalf of the liberals and the onset of schism.”

Response to Bishop Seán Manchester from Brother Keith Maclean OSG:

"It is difficult to say anything with regard to Illtyd Thomas — you have said it all. Simmons and Thomas seem to have been birds of a feather, along with Gleaves. The early connection with Gleaves is indicative of the worst. All I can say is that you have handled the matter perfectly. That malefic and vicious opposition which you face from such people is a seal of approval on your ministry."

Vampirologist said...

The Daily Mirror, 5 November 1970, published an inaccurate and unbalanced report of the outcome of a court case for assault brought by Seán Manchester against John Bradish, a friend of David Farrant but not an acquaintance of Seán Manchester's. A complaint was immediately lodged with the Press Council against the Daily Mirror by Seán Manchester. The Press Council upheld Seán Manchester's complaint and the Daily Mirror was obliged to publish a statement offering balancing commentary which they did at the foot of page two of their newspaper on 26 November 1970. Criminal compensation was awarded to Seán Manchester in the following year by the Criminal Compensation Board; the assault case having been proven resulted in compensation for injuries sustained. It is regrettable that the deception upon John Bradish and his wife Gillian Bradish by David Farrant was not realised by this couple until after the court case. Gillian Bradish was put on the spot by the prosecution when asked how she knew who made the telephone calls. She went along with what she had been previously told by Farrant. However, in the following year she accepted she had been wrong and realised it was Farrant who made the threatening black magic telephone calls.

Until the trial, Seán Manchester had not spoken with or met Gillian Bradish. How could she possibly have recognised his voice when she made no contact with Seán Manchester until the day of the court case? Seán Manchester was later informed by Tony Hill (in whose cellar Farrant resided from August 1969 until August 1970) that John and Gillian Bradish’s telephone number was ex-directory. Hill was acquainted with this couple and had spoken to them on various occasions in pubs. Seán Manchester most definitely had not. The information about the telephone being ex-directory was revealed in a conversation along with much else about the Bradish situation. Hill was a potential witness for the prosecution in the Bradish case, but opted not to get involved in the wake of his elopement with Mary Farrant two years earlier resulting in him being declared a hostile witness if summoned. He had provided Farrant with his coal bunker in a communal cellar beneath his ground floor flat when Farrant was evicted from his own flat and declared bankrupt in August 1969. Farrant remained ensconced in this coal bunker until his arrest on the night of 17 August 1970 after which he was held on remand at Brixton Prison. When allowed out on bail, Farrant took up residence at the Bradish household as their lodger. It was during this period that the black magic telephone threats were made by David Farrant to Gillian Bradish. Farrant initially persuaded Gillian Bradish that the caller was Seán Manchester; someone she knew nothing about other than what she had read in newspapers. In doing so, Farrant took his revenge on John Bradish for allegedly making advances toward Mary Farrant in the previous year at their Highgate flat where John Bradish sometimes visited. Seán Manchester knew none of these people at that time and only eventually became aware of Farrant through local reports in early 1970 and the Bradishes through the court case in November of that year. When Farrant’s publicity stunts and arrest at Highgate Cemetery in 1970 met with Seán Manchester's public disapproval on a television programme and in the local press, Farrant began a personal vendetta which has continued to this day. The following newspaper report appeared in the Hornsey Journal newspaper not too long after the black magic telephone threats Farrant made to Gillian Bradish and boasted about immediately afterwards according to Tony Hill and several other patrons of the Prince of Wales pub in Highgate. Similar reports about Farrant would follow, culminating in a stiff prison sentence for threatening people with black magic which usually took the form of voodoo “death dolls” impaled with pins.

Anthony Hogg said...

Let me guess, all this was told to you by...Manchester?

Do you have any independent sources?

I mean, were you present for any of this stuff?

If you're saying that Manchester is independent of church decisions and whatnot...then does that mean it's pretty much anything goes for him?

Under what authority does he preside?


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