Friday, June 12, 2009

Here We Go, Indeed

I recounted Scribd's removal of Don Ecker's report on the Highgate Vampire Case in "Here We Go Again...".

Here's what I wrote back ("RE: Copyright Notification (06/09/2009 - 01:41 PM)") to Scribd, dated Thursday, 11 June 2009 5:51:04 PM:
I think this matter can be resolved quite easily and I tender the most obvious and basic evidence to yourself, to prove this point.

Firstly, the article I uploaded onto Scribd is by Don Ecker, not "S. Manchester" (the claimant of copyright violation, as can be seen here:

The author's byline (i.e. "by Don Ecker") clearly reveals that.

Second, I noted in the article's description that I had been given permission by the article's author - Don Ecker - to reproduce the article. I reproduced that letter of permission here, prior to uploading the article:

Futhermore, I have also retained the e-mail in which I was granted said permission. I can forward it onto you, if you like.

And, I can also put you in touch with the author himself.

For starters, his website is here:

I don't understand how a "a third-party notification or other indicia" has more legal precedent over my rights to reproduce an article I was given permission by the author to reproduce.

For more proof of my entitlement to reproduce said article, view this:
I'm still awaiting a response to that, so, in the meantime - and with a little "inspiration" from "Demonologist", I've decided to complete my original intention, and reproduce Don's report here.

It'll be in the form of multiple blog entries, but I've reformatted it for the sake of readability. I've also opted not to reproduce the photos accompanying the original document.

Don has granted me permission to reproduce the article in a way I see fit. Read his "letter of permission", here.

Without further ado, here's the first installment of Don Ecker's "My Inquiry into the Highgate Vampire Case":
The alleged vampiric happenings at London’s Highgate Cemetery, circa the late 60’s and very early 1970’s have garnered world-wide interest. The internet is filled with references to this alleged supernatural happening. When the case began, I was a student in my first year of college, and then enlisted in the United States Army. The upshot is I never heard about this until years after the fact.

In 1981 I was a criminal investigator then living and working in the state of Idaho. I received a case that involved two dead and mutilated cattle which were exsanguinated. At the time of this investigation I was not familiar with the phenomenon of cattle mutilation although I had heard some weird stories about it. Later I was to become very familiar with this topic, but in 1981-82 I was a novice involving cattle mutes.

My then brother-in-law (my only sisters husband) was serving as a U.S. Navy Corpsman attached with the U.S Marine Corps. My sister was also a LPN so both were very current with medical knowledge with the plus side of having an interest in “weird or unusual stuff.” I was visiting family back on the east coast and my sister and her family were also there. One evening I told them about this weird case I had investigated. That was when my brother-in-law mentioned the Highgate case, and that an investigator (he didn’t know who) had opened a 19th Century vault in the cemetery and discovered an extra coffin, with body, of the supposed vampire. Okay, knowing him (my brother-in-law) I was intrigued enough to want more information on the case. In 1981-82 there was almost no way to get more than rumor type stories. I made myself a promise that if I could, I would follow up on this case.

Before I go any further, allow me to make several things very clear. Since I was a youngster I had loved supernatural stories and spooky tales. I had been a horror fan since I had seen the original Dracula with Bela Lugosi on late night television. The original movie, The Thing, made in about 1951 had me going to bed with nightmares, but I loved it. Yes, I have a real affinity with GOOD horror and GOOD science fiction.
To be continued...

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